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1. Focus on your study time on the important areas that are most frequently asked in the exams. It will provide you good scoring during the exam. 

2. Don't wait until the last minute to start studying for an exam. Rome wasn't built in one day. Start studying every day page by page, topic by topic and you will finish before you could think of. 

3. Start early if you can. If you start early you will have more time to study hard topics and absorb the Study material more clearly and thoroughly.

10 Study Techniques used during CA Exams

4. Make all of the reading of study material at least once, it  will give you an idea of the structure of the subject matter and how to approach each topic to study and prepare accordingly.

5. Organising your Course material will be helpful when preparing for exams. It helps in identifying which importants topics to cover and which areas of the subject needs  more attention, also about the overall syllabus of the Study material.

6. Study schedule helps you make efficient use of your time and energy during preparation of exams. If you are struggling to stick to the plan, you may want to hire a tutor or mentor who is expertised or experienced the same.


7. Take a practice Test paper that will help you get a better view of the exam feel  and you get the overview and format of the exam pattern and types of questions that will be asked for the course. Also helps in identifying your mistakes during the exams. Practice makes you perfect and removes all the errors committed earlier. 

8. Review and revise your notes regularly it makes it easier to remember and keep the study afresh in the mind. Make sure you write it your own handwriting gives a personalised touch and also improves your handwriting.


9. Rest enough and eating healthy food helps you be alert and focused during the preparation of exams. Staying calm and focused during exams will give you the energy you need.

10. Always choose a comfortable place to study for exams. It will not only keep you focused but also give you confidence and won't get distracted during studies. With the right planning you increase your chances of success in the exams.


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