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"CA" This is not just two alphabets, it is a dream, a life, a world for those who got it and who want it.

People do not get only a degree but a due respect from ICAI - The Institute of Chartered Accountants of India

A person who have this might have sacrificed a lot, a lot and a lot. No one has got this as easily as people can imagine even if they have this without seeing a single failure !!!

F3 is what each and every person wants in their life and this perfect dream can be achieved by being a Chartered Accountant and that is.

  • F1 – Fame
  • F2 – Finance  And
  • F3 – Future

Nobody will be in a need of elaboration of these three F's as this is the perfect one for those who want to achieve something in their life. The institute has perfectly defined the degree for getting this and we can not forget the contribution of our ICAI for that wonderful job.

I am not saying or writing this because I had achieved it, this is because I do respect ICAI !!! Not after getting it, but before I wanted it. As it gives us R3.

  • R1 – Respectable And
  • R2 – Reputed Degree
  • R3 – with Reasonable Price

ICAI has made this course not just for an educational purpose, but with a life learning process. I always say that it is not just a course, it is a journey which is not completed after being a Chartered Accountant but it gets a new start after being a Chartered Accountant.

It shows us each and every aspect of life. It shows us the real world, people connected to it, an economy, true friends, failure, success and so on. It makes us the strongest personality. A one can not deny the experiences and the lessons learnt while being on a journey with ICAI.

People might have the curse sometime when they have experienced a worst failure. Like I also had once 195 Marks when I needed 200. When you see the reality, you will definitely say that it was not the luck or anything, there was a lack of the perfect knowledge which ICAI have expected from us. They want to make us the Gold / Diamonds which can not be questioned for it's purity when it comes in the real market. It can be felt when you come out of the student life and come to the outer world.

The thrill which gives the ICAI while studying this course can hardly be imagined by all except those who had felt it. The Exams, The Results, The Papers, The Books, The Forms. That Excitement, That Anxiety, That Shocks, That Happiness, That Tears, That Fears, That Motivation, That Proud Moments of Winning. Can you imagine the feelings? It can be felt only on this journey.

We can not forget to say "Thanks" to ICAI for showing so many emotions with ultimate goal to get the degree which is like a lifetime achievement award.

The rules, the ethics, the guidance provided by ICAI is what that have made the CA Fraternity that much respectful in the society.

The journey from getting brochure of course to getting an interview letter is an awesome one !!!

The failures, attempts, problems of getting expected job, salary expectations, can't make the contribution smaller that has been made by ICAI in our life.

The logo, the motto, the motto song, the certificates are more than enough to remind us and make us feel proud for the institute.


Published by

Snehal N. Tanna
(Chartered Accountant)
Category Students   Report

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