Within 30 days I learned the definition of Articleship!

Priya (student) (193 Points)

19 February 2014  

On Completing 30 days of my Articleship Training

The term “C.A.” allured me all through my 11th and 12th standard. As a matter of fact, this term was so attractive that I actually rebelled against the wishes of my family and opted for the commerce stream instead of medical. As a matter of fact, I was actually, following the message of Mr. perfectionist from his movie “3 idiots” vis a vis “ make your interest your profession”. Bas sara ghapla us movie ka he tha, that I actually landed here, doing my CA articleship. Honestly, it isn’t that bad also. But cake walk bhe nahin hai ye. Name any attribute of a sincere student, and you’ll find it a prerequisite to crack “THE CA EXAMS”.


Articleship is another aspect of this course that makes the aspirants ready for the practical implication of the knowledge. Easy said, than done. Yes, it is interesting, exciting and a great leaning experience. New atmosphere, new colleagues and what more, new work!! I’m a one month old article with my Principle. I’m not experience much, but certainly aware of the vivid facets of this exciting training.


For the first one week, I felt like a super speedy learner, full charged about learning every new thing at office. An office filled with everything so orderly, so wise, so good and so nice. But itna perfection tou is against the law of the nature, is it not? :D


One, fine day, my fairy land dream broke. Got scolded from a senior male article for a piece of work. To my sheer surprise, the work was done correctly by me. On later revelation, I was being scolded on the pretext of leg pulling. I know not, what happened to me that moment. Filled with tears, I stared at the computer screen. Holding my frown tight, I couldn’t endure more. Saturated with the emotions, which I had never felt before, I left the office, in a hustle, to prevent my teary eyes from getting noticed.


BAD! Bad and BAD.. office is filled with polictics… this, that.. and pta ni what not, circled my mind for next few hours. The realization after that experience was tremendous. It eventually made me stand in front of the realities which I shall have to face in my office. It was just the beginning. A lot more learning, a lot more scoldings, even more appreciation and far larger criticism awaits me at the office. I shall have to toil myself, to get the best out of me. My attitude shall solely determine my learning process. Until I don’t consider the good part of the bad happening to me, I won’t be able to move with a good personality.


Honetly, its tough, considering the sort of a person I am, who did not ever allow, anybody to be rude with myself. But, in my articleship I completely shrug off this attitude. One of my mentor, Nikhil Sir, points it out rightly, “ Stretch to the extent it is possible”.


Guys! Im not too sure about a strategy which one can adopt to get the best of articleship. But I certainly know, being a article, what not to carry- a wrong attitude for work.


Please share your experiences with me and advice me further. Probably, you all must be having alot more experiences, which may be fruitful to all the caclubindia member... Keep sharing the views in this thread.