Why only 1/2 attempt cleared CA selected for good job?


Hi friends,

Let me share a example of one of my friend. I can't write his name here but let he be Mr.X. So Mr. X has appeared in Campus Placements Feb-March 2010. A lot of company shown interest in him. But in Maximums, he got rejected due to the number of attempts he has taken to clear CA. There he found one of his collegue let Mr. Y. Mr Y has cleared CA in 2nd attempt both grp. But Mr Y was an associate of Mr X in his firm. As told by Mr. X that Mr Y even dont have any practical exposure, not of tally, excel or SAP. He only knows where to quote sections and notifications. Mr Y hasnt been to any audit, hasn't prepared any report etc.

Finally Mr X get selected in a company let ABC, where his gross CTC is 5.42lacs p.a as Assistant Manager (Credit). He was discussing the same with some of his collegues in office, then Mr Y enters with sweets. He told that he got offer from top MNC i.e ABC at a package of 8.56 Lacs as a Manager(Credit) and he has accepted the offer.

So from 1st Aug 2010 both are joing and Mr X will now report to Mr Y.


So for a company number of attempts counts but not knowledge or experience???????

Need your valuable contributions.............................