ROC filing pre-scrutiny error

Abhinav Jain (Article Assistant) (107 Points)

18 October 2011  

I have been trying to upload various forms like Form 1A, 23AC & 23ACA, Form 66, Form 32, Form 17 etc. While I do prescrutiny in the form, no errors are displayed. But when I upload the same on the website, it says "Certain Prescrutiny Errors have occured. Please Rectify them and upload again". Along with this, a error dialogue box appears which says "Following errors have occured" and beside it, a right arrow button is there. But when i click on the button, nothing comes in that.

I have also tried using the prescrutiny upload but soon after the upload, it says your session is expired. I have tried filling forms from various computers and tried uploading them. The same thing happens again and again. I have used both registered user login as well as a business user login but the same error flaashes.

My system config is:

Windows XP Home edition SP 3 (Genuine)

Adobe 9.4.0

Java 6 Update 27 (latest version)

IE 8.0


Please help me out at the earliest.