Regaining myself

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09 November 2013  

It was the darkest day of my life, the person I loved, left me after 5 years of relationship without any explanation and gave me the worst trouble that no one can imagine to bear. I spent 58 days in the darkness of solitude, pain, emotional trauma filled with guilt.  After 58 days, I came back to the radiance of the world and want to overcome from past. I tried, I tried …I tried really hard. But every attempt felt like a kick in my teeth. Everything was slipping from my hands. Now I was not just financially shattered but emotionally as well. I was jobless. No one was there to console me, convince me. I was looking myself with mercy and asking myself what next. The sudden halt in my life had stopped the pace of my life. I had to find a way. I had to try until I succeed. My mind used to convince me that no matter what happens, I have to overcome. As drowning man catches at straw, I was relying on my intuition. My thought process eventually helped me to land a job.

Even though, the job which I was offered was really low as compare to my abilities. But due to my terrible situation, I was not ready to let my efforts to be ended in smoke. Hence, I accepted the Job. Now this job was like a ray of hope for me.

After a while, my work had absorbed my attention. Now I was becoming more confident. I was able to regain my positive attitude towards life. My open minded thinking helped me to look over my past, my all other problems in a different manner. Forthwith, I was changed.  I had stopped seeing the sight of myself as a person, being a victim of circumstances. I was able to shift the paradigm of my life towards happiness and success.

But now I had seen many people who were juggling with small problems in their life .They were not able to solve their problems on their own. They find themselves incapacitated in front of miseries. I helped them in realizing their true power, true capacity. I served and aided them with all my means.  I become a God like figure in their eyes, who can resolve any problem with his attitude.

The whole process worked like wonder upon me. My self confidence was boosting up day by day due to widen horizon of solving every problem. It was not like that my life had become a piece of cake. I still had some troubles but now they were not bothering me anymore.  I was enjoying each and every moment of life.  My attitude for every problem was “Not a big deal”.  This became the mantra of my life and the persons who belongs to me.


Finally, I concluded that if we don’t feel tense with any problem and face the same with cool and relax attitude, we can’t only use our mind properly but can also make the best use of our confidence. I’m glad that I aced this art which not only changed my life but also gave a much needed push button to other’s life.

At the end I just wanna say I am proud of being myself.