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No jobs for freshers

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vikash rathi

vikash rathi (Chartered Accountant)     16 December 2011 too one of among u...after 3.5 year hard work we are no where.... completed c.a. all exam both group in 1st attempt and articleship from an eminent fim with hard working and always waiting for completion of articleship n exams to live happily but....after all hard work we are now where.......samajh main nhin aata kya akre kya nhin........

Originally posted by : vikash rathi too one of among u...after 3.5 year hard work we are no where.... completed c.a. all exam both group in 1st attempt and articleship from an eminent fim with hard working and always waiting for completion of articleship n exams to live happily but....after all hard work we are now where.......samajh main nhin aata kya akre kya nhin........

If this is genuine , i better think of dropping CA and do some specialized area course.

CA Vishal

CA Vishal (CA working in industry)     16 December 2011

Biggest joke of the year told by our President that there is shortage of 2 lacs CAs . Actually this is also one of the main reasons for the condition of  existing  fresh CAs ...  Our institute does not wantt to recognise only  that there is  a  genuine problem one can work on solutions only when the problem is known .. Medicines can only be given if we know the pain .. The institute is  either unaware or does  not want to accept the truth . In both ways students will suffer .....

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shyam (chartered accountant)     16 December 2011

Hi All

I have few opening in my company , request all who has completed CA to send their CV at shyam.s.gupta @ ASAP.




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mayank agarwal

mayank agarwal (CA fianlist BCOM(H) CS student )     17 December 2011

there is urgent need to uplift the quality of CAs made by ICAI , personally what do i feel is that

1) there must be some sub categories within the CA course like tax specialization , law , financial reporting , management etc.


2) some new courses or mechanism must be incorporated to uplift the over all presentation , communication skills of CA


3) minimum salary for CA must be declared


4) ICAI should maintain good relation with companies , so that On campus placement become more fruitful


5) there must be change in the course so that we CA /Future CAs get more global market .


6) number of passing out CAs must be restricted



Karthik I

Karthik I (Practice)     17 December 2011

Dear Friends,

We r all professionals. dont think like a MBA's who r all always need others help to sign in their life. create employment by starting practice. hardly i will be very difficult to sign in the market for few years but there is a scope for getting more assignments in future. lots of  practicing Chartered Accountants r aged people only. New comers r not willing to take practice as of now. So please take it serious and start a new firms. Please think that lots of Foriegn Firms came India and well developed their Offices in India. If they have the ability to create a well named firms like Big Four means why we dont have the ability. Think Positive and Dont say we r unemployed and dont give preasure to the Institute President. What he will do for ur Unemployment. Think Positive and Start ur life colourful.


naresh (to be placed)     17 December 2011

Only those who passed out in May 11 are unemployed right. Not those who passed in the last 2-3 years.Right!!!

 Which companies will come to campus by paying hefty amounts to ICAI?  Most of the companies doesn't need 100's of CA's unlike engineers. When they just need a few CA's, then they won't come to campus. Even those who come out of IIM's/IIT's were jobless.  Which IIT/IIM is assuring its engineers a 100% job placement in the country? Take for granted, which institute in the world assures its students a 100% placement? Not even a single institution. 

You might have heard average salary of CA in campus placement is Rs.6,00,000 pa. But who told you that everyone got placed. In every campus placement, some 1000 students go for placement. Not even 30% of students get placed in the campus selections. Hardly 10-20% and in some case, there wouldn't even be a single company who interviews. In such cases, ICAI scraps the campus selections there. Never more than 30% of students got placed in ICAI placements. 

There are 100's of people who got placed left their job for a much better job in the off campus. Not even joining there. There are still lots of cases where everyone in the campus has got placed in a bulk offer. When I have attended campus 2 years back, BEL and syndicate bank given a blanket offer to everyone in the campus to give the details and they will send the offer letter to everyone. Listen Guys!!! There is no interview. Direct selection. More than 25% of guys rejected the offer and settled in their own ways.

At the onset of recession in Nov 2008, some guys did't got jobs even in off-campus and no campus placements also. Some of those guys had to wait for 6-8 months without any job. Once the economy got picked up, everybody got settled in their own interesting careers. There isn't much difference between 2008 and now. The present onset of crisis is much worse than 2008. In 2008, few banks got bankrupted and at present, almost a line of countries are turning bankrupt......Greece, Portugal, Italy, in the ultimate analysis if everything turns up....France and Germany....Those 2 countries are worrying about their credit standing and Credit rating agencies are ready to downgrade their ratings anytime. It shows the gravity of the situation.

When the situation is so bad, you need to be prudent and take steps accordingly. Who will help when situations turns so bleak? How can ICAI predict it long back? It is just an accounting body and not a Investment bank to predict all the upcoming movements in the economy. 

Yes, there is lot more demand for CA's. Now the Indian GDP is increasing at 8%. In such case, there would be additional demand upto 8%. Further, unorganised sectors turning into organised. So, it needs more CA's. Simply, every inch of GDP amount needs to be compiled by US and by US alone. So, for accouting every rupee and every point in GDP, Governement needs our support and our support alone. On a just stand alone basis, if FDI in retail has been released, there would hundreds of jobs opened up for CA's.

Understand the gravity of current situation and act accordingly. Professionalism will be there in handling things well and not in shouting at the problem. We are professionals and we need to go deep and understand the consequences and plan our future accordingly. You are going to the same who will praise the institute and for the prospectus a lot ahead.








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CS Sandip Rahane

CS Sandip Rahane (CS & Legal )     17 December 2011

Hi..Dear Friends,

The problems can't be solved by discussion. The ICAI will not take care about freshers because there are HNI CAs' are sitting in the Core Committee.

They are settled persons in their practice as well as Commercial Businesses.

So, all of us have to take initiative for our  survival. Let's Join Hands together and go ahead.

Start our own Practice, make our associate team, in which take the persons from diffrent profession like CA, CS, LLB and start corporate Services. May i will be join to you, always welcome!

Thanks & Regards,

Sandip Rahane




naresh (to be placed)     17 December 2011

May be salary is a constraint to many. But we are guys who worked for a very meagre amount. Things will not change in a day as we have passed the CA. May be battle is over but the real battle begins now. You need to struggle with your senior to get a promotion in your future organization.

Seize the oppurtunities. IFRS  the next game changer of the world accountancy. Competition is intensifying outside. Just Groom yourself in a far far better way in IFRS. Pick up a chance for a foreign destination. Become an expert in IFRS and its application in a specific industry. Think about a specialization. Once time picks up again, you will be rewarded very highly. All these costs will be rewarded. For us, knowledge gets outdated quickly so we need to groom ourselved regularly. Pick up your communication skills and just groom them.

Time gives you solution for everything. Pick up the job in ur hand. Don't think of too high pays but don't stop your search. There are cases where u can bargain even 10 lacs as ur first huge package.

Please make sure u specialize in one field Internal audit, stat, cost, Financial Analyst, SAP, IFRS, Core finance or else next career target MBA/IAS, etc or specialize in one industry.......Insurance Internal audit............You will be surely rewarded in future for all these efforts


CMA S.K (Asst. Manager - Finance)     17 December 2011

Dear Dishearted CA freshers,

Getting a good job is only a mere matter of presentation of ur Knowledge and skills.

If you present ur articleship exp. covering A/c, taxation, finance etc. and HIghlight ur knowledge of Tally or ERP - SAP/Oracle.

And finally for ur first job u need to forego ur package expectations, and accept wht u get a First step of ladder.


Rakesh kushwaha

Rakesh kushwaha (Article Assistant)     17 December 2011

Dear ,Friends.............Am i right that CA is involved in avoidance of Tax & also that they are involved in corruption in false representation of company.Means ,I want to say That Peer review to be made compulsory.   Am i right ?


CA. JAIN (Chartered Accountant)     17 December 2011

hi rakesh,

                  we are disscussing here, for no jobs for freshers so plz comment on topic...

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rohit jain

rohit jain (article)     17 December 2011

actually the problem is with slowdown in international economy which reduces our demand from the market so the whole market is needs to grow up.


CA MANOJ KUMAR (job)     17 December 2011

Dear Colleages I m also suffering with this problem these days 

I would like to request this website administrator plz forward our problems to the ICAI every company wants experienced CA rather than Frashers. 

CA manoj kumar

CA. Amit Prajapati

CA. Amit Prajapati (Chartered Accountant)     17 December 2011

It is better to do MBA or M Com rather than doing so much head work in study and reaping nothing.....! I hope Institute must have done there home work better before Nov 11's result. I think with this scenario CA degree will loose it's dignity. It will be just another degree to your profile like B. Com. However the question needs to be answered is, why institute had realeased such handsome result in May'11. Is it because of the package offered to CA candidate? Or there is actual demand for CA's and CA's are not accepting the reduced package offered to them?

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