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Little super star of CCI.. Part 2


I had got a different, challenging and interesting task from Balu (The helping hand) senior Legend  and Madhu kiran “Upcoming star “to write an article regarding “Little super star of CCI - Part 2”.   The little superstar is “The Sunshine” of Caclub, Sneha Bagala. She is my dear sister and Both Balu and Madhu content that i am the right person to write about my dear sister.





Let me start with a poem which i learned in my Nursery class, Which is perfectly suits to “Sunshine”.

          Sneha Sneha little star

            How i wonder what you are

            Up above Rise the CCI

             Like a Diamond in the heart.


 What is the alphabet in Sneha represent? See the extended form of her name and can we start our discussion with each and every Feature of her name.


S =shining star of CCI

N=Nuclear of CCI

E= Energy of CCI

H= Humble member of CCI

A= Admirable of CCI




She is a down to earth star (Tare Zameen par).Normally we all can see the star during the night time up and above the sky. We are enjoying how the star are shining. But Sneha is a star coming down to earth and shining during the day and night as well. We can see this star very close and as our friend, well wisher and a guide.


She find time to assist those who doing CPT and I PCC and Final course. First thing, she is ready to answers any questions through her community called “Ask any query for helping at any time” and Professional blog for CA students . Any one can ask any question to our little superstar and she replied all the questions within no time. This is a great Gift to CCI members, especially those who are at Gate way level ( CPT Aspirant). I seen so many questions got solved by her in my Blog. Sneha was All India 6th rank in CPT exam and she put a Restless effort to uplift the others to her level.

 Her articles “Tips to CPT student”, is really a helping hand to the entire CPT students.   Students from this segment were requiring more guidance than any other level. This article written by Sneha is a base for most of the CPT student’s now. Even i had drafted my tips to CPT students from borrowing ideas from this little super star. So, Sneha articles are a base for CPT level.



As nuclear of CCI

As far as all the CPT students are concerned Sneha Act as a nuclear. All the things are centre and routed through her only. Just like sun, without which no one can survive. She has the positive attitude and try to foster the same thing among all the students who seek 



As Energy of CCI

See her articles, by reading the articles; you may feel some positive energy. I had appended the list of articles which was written by this super star and transmit the energy through her articles. Only those have energy can only pass the energy to others. If you read her articles, i am damn sure; you will get some positive energy. The word sunshine, really suitable. Imagine what cause if  the sun is not  shine?. There is no earth at all; no life in the earth is possible.


As admirable star of CCI

She is an admirable star in the heart of all the CCI members. The profile visit is just an example . Around 30,000 time, her profile was visited by CCI members. Because of her writing skills, guiding the students in the right path, etc create her an admirable super star in the heart.



Read my above poem about sunshine , you will also tell that is really worth poem.


Academic record of Little super star

Sneha secured All India 6th Rank in CPT exam (2009 December) effort to uplift to struggling CPT students to her Level. 

 Also She  secured 4th Rank in I PCC exam which was held in 2010 November.

Sneha can be compared with Legend sachin tendulkar


Sneha secured All India 6th rank in the young age and become legend in the minds of each and every Ca club India Member.


Her writing skills are awesome and she shows maturity in writing more than her age. She become a CCI little super star in her such a young age. So, why not Sneha be compared with Legend Sachin Tendulkar ? Sneha scoring centuries in CCI.


CA club India performance

 Total points scored by Sneha are 7078 in CA club India.

Total Thump earned by Sneha is 1477 times

Total profile visit 30785.


Sneha had written so may useful articles in CA club India. Her wordings are touching to any ones heart, really encouraging any one to do well. Once you read any of his articles, you will surely agree with my statement.


List of energetic articles which is written by Sneha


Sneha community 

 Ask any query for helping at any time”




Sneha is sunshine for Every CPT student and others by showing light to them solving their problem and showing them a right path. She is Light house, showing path to ship in the night time. So, let us appreciate the restless effort she had taken for the benefit of the students. May god bless Sneha to score All India First rank in her final exam. It is my humble request to one and all the members of CA club, to pray for her to score All India First Rank in her May exam.

All the best to my dear Sister Sneha to your Final examination. May god bless you to secure All India 1st Rank in CA final May exam .

Also visit previous article to this series


Little Super Star of CCI - Par 1


Note: Article on legend of cci part-9


Little Super Star of CCI part-3 will come soon...




I have taken all reasonable steps to correct the mistake. if any error or ommissions contained in the post please let me know ASAP








 64 Replies

CA Madhukiran Reddy

CA Madhukiran Reddy (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT)     08 April 2011


What  me and Balu thought about you is exactly right!!!

You are the correct person to write an article on our dear sister....

As you said she is the star of CCI (Sun is also one star right;)).....

"Sneha sneha little star"

4 Like
CA Madhukiran Reddy

CA Madhukiran Reddy (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT)     08 April 2011



You Rock You RockYou RockYou RockYou RockYou RockYou Rock

Vikas Gupta

Vikas Gupta (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT)     08 April 2011

Sneha is my sweet Lappi....She is a fun loving girl..And the good thing about her is she is always trying to help everybody at her Maximum...I never saw a girl who is helping her frnds this much...She is very good in nature:D..Proud to Say I M her Sister...As all you know She got 6th Rank in CPT and 4Th rank in IPCC.then also she has no egos in her mind....I wish her to get First rank in CA Final exam and May god bless u always..

6 Like
Vikas Gupta

Vikas Gupta (CHARTERED ACCOUNTANT)     08 April 2011

CMA. CS. Sanjay Gupta

CMA. CS. Sanjay Gupta ("PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN")     08 April 2011

Sneha is a very Nice Human being (Though very naughty). But her best quality is that she is a very bright student. I was really amazed (Happily) to see her prformance in IPCC exams. Also see helped all the CCI students by sharing her experience, her work ethics, her method of study etc. Hope having a bright student like her rubs off on other students as well and may all of them make us proud the way Sneha did.

Sneha just keep shining the way you did in IPCC exams.

God Bless You Always.

8 Like
CS LLB Pulkit Gupta

CS LLB Pulkit Gupta (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Life-and-Promises/553962034682487)     08 April 2011

Nice observation Kiran and the perfect word to fill up the blank. Hatts off to the standout performer of CCI.

Sneha is one of a very good friend of mine on this platform but not coz of her Academic record but because of the type of person she is. Very few people manage to score Rank in CA exams and then there are exceptions like her who share their knowledge to help others to be successful like her.

A very down to earth person and an exceptional writer. Today only I read a post on CCI where it was mentioned that one s'd have atleast 2 sources of income and I can bet that she can earn much more from her writing skills then her CA knowledge.

God bless you....!!

6 Like
CMA. CS. Sanjay Gupta

CMA. CS. Sanjay Gupta ("PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN")     08 April 2011

Forgot one thing......

I also nominate her as the most funniest member of CCI......:)


CS LLB Pulkit Gupta

CS LLB Pulkit Gupta (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Life-and-Promises/553962034682487)     08 April 2011

I totally agree wid Sanjay Bhaiya. 

I hope you people remember Sneha's post "Hindi Movie Dialogues in CA student style".

I have never ever enjoyed reading any post like that. It was a rare combination of Humor + Message.

And she z president of our Shaitani Dimaag club 

CMA. CS. Sanjay Gupta

CMA. CS. Sanjay Gupta ("PROUD TO BE AN INDIAN")     08 April 2011

"Shaitani Dimaag club" Ye kaun sa club hai...naam to kafi achha hai....Mujhe membership milegi kya???Aur membership fees kitni hai???:)







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BALU.... (CCI STUDENT....)     08 April 2011


This is super article by vivek sir, thanks a lot for giving such a wonderful article about our little shining star of CCI.  What to say about my dear sis sunshine, she is wonderful person seen in CCI and great helping hand in and out of CCI.



She is rank holder in CPT as well IPCC, seen so many rank holders who has ego problem and don’t give reply to query or not going to give suggestion... But our great star of CCI who got ranks to her baskets, always ready to help anyone who goes with query r any problems. Created community to help everyone and give them suggestion for their exams too, she gave us great articles how to crack exams, how to handle pressure etc. We r lucky to having such a person in our platform with us, finally my sis  sunshine rocks and will pray she gets AIR 1st in Final…

You Rock



Best of luck to your career and future..













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Santhosh Poojary

Santhosh Poojary (SIEMPRE AHÍ PARA TI)     08 April 2011

we are lucky to have  such a shining member with us,

She is Very Helping Nature n down to earth.hatts off to her.

being a ranking student i never seen any ego problem in her...great...

aise log bahut kam hote hai...

I always seen her helping students by solving queries n writing worthful articles,,,

She always takes things with smiling face

I feel proud to  say that she is  one of mine good friend over CCI

as said by pulkit Sneha's post "Hindi Movie Dialogues in CA student style".

 is just unbeatable and one of my Fav Article ovr CCI.

Dear RAvi n Balu Sir,many thanks for Writing such an
Wonderful Article on JunioR Sachin of CCI



6 Like

JPBJK (Student)     08 April 2011

Very true.....for a very true girl....with a very true heart.... :)


Never had a talk....but can say.....She is very special....(Tare zameen par)... :P


Hamesha chamakte rehna....yeh dua h meri....Kabhi udas mat hona....yeh khushi h hamari...


Good luck sis....:)

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a very nice , humble and a charming person...and ofcourse a great performer.  Thanks for sharing this article.

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