Hindi movie dialogues- CA student style ...by Sneha

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08 January 2011  


Time to go for another fun ride with this shaitaan.So tighten your seat belts.Aaj ham dekhenge kuch popular Hindi movie dialogues ek CA student ke andaaz me....Get set...GO!!!!:P


I can talk CA , I can walk CA..CA is a very funny course..;)(Movie-NAMAKHALAAL)
CONFIDENCE my friend ...confidence is what matters here.Until and unless you have belief in your abilities you cannot do anything.Why take this course as a burden??Come on!!!You are the best and just forget the rest...

Rishtey me to ham tumhare baap lagte hain....naam hai ICAI!!!!!haiiinnnnn..(Movie-SHEHANSHAH)-
CA student ka maai baap kaun???ICAI..aur kaun??Never try to under estimate your institute by ignoring your modules.If you really want good marks(not just pass marks) then institute's module is a MUST Do. Many students tend to ignore it completely which is not an advisable option.The private writers' books are undoubtedly awesome and exam oriented but question paper to ICAI set karti hai na reeee...!!

yes sir!!!Costing....Believe it or not but the reality is that most of the students face difficulty in this subject.Ever wondered why?Because this is an unconventional subject requiring the student to have an X-FACTOR, in simple words a brain as sharp as a knife.The only solution is to give your heart and soul to it just like Sharukh Khan did for his Kiran(Juhi Chawla)...just say..Tu hai mera costtttt....

Section pe section , section pe section ..section pe section milte rahe hain par marks nahi mile.;(...(Movie- DAAMINI)
Taxation and Law...dead famous for its deadly sections...CA  isi ka naam hai......learning these section numbers sound too tedious work but if you practice right from the beginning then its very much possible.Make it a habit to keep on revising the section numbers which will beautify your answer sheets as well as your future.

Mujhe fail karna mushkil hi nahi naamumkin hai.....(Movie- DON)
Many times we hear students complaining..are yaar CA ka result 3% hai..mujhse nahi hoga......Are kyun nahi hoga be????Why put yourself in the crowd of 97% which failed??Why not think i will be one of the 3% students who will pass?? Agar India me ek baccha bhi pass hoga to wo main hoon.....Keep your spirits high and you will fly.Stop me if you can....!!!

My name is CA student and i am a TERRORIST( Movie- MY NAME IS KHAN)-
Is exam me marks milte nahi cheenne padte hain....In exam hall, you are a terrorist , ready to rob ICAI of all its marks. Make your strategies.Every mark counts here and can turn your fortune.Ek number ki keemat tum kya jaano ICAI!!Go ahead and sky even is not the limit for you...Target is set, time to attack...!!

Ye Dosti ham exam hall me todenge( Movie- SHOLEY)-
Han ji..If you want your name to have a small prefiix 'CA' then please leave all your friendship behind the moment you enter the exam hall.No helping friends in exam hall.Write your paper and keep on revising it, trying to help your friends can divert your concentration and you might land in trouble.Beta agar pakde gaye to bagal wali sheela to jawan ho jayegi but bechari munni badnaam ho jayegi.

Haar kar jeetne wale to Chartered Accountant kehte hain( Movie-BAAZIGAR)-
 Failing in CA doesnt always mean your preparations were not upto the mark.Many times luck also plays its part which is out of our control.But what me need to do is not to get disheartened.Bade bade shehron me choti choti baaten hoti rehti hai beta...and pushpaa..i Hate tears reeee....!!!Don't be sad. You always have a next chance . Go For it with even better preparations and never deviate from your goal with fear of failure.

aur end me sab kuch happy happy...aur agar happy nahi hua to ye the end nahi...picture abhi baaki hai mere dost...Good luck..:)

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