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Dear all,


Practical questions are definitely the high scoring area.But if you rely only on the practical part you are digging your own grave.It has been a widespread diesease in students as they tend to ignore the theory part (specially in boys..Oh  PLEASEEEEE.....no chauvinism !!!! ..that's a bitter truth..ok..back to the topic).

I always believed that theory part is very important to score in practical papers like Taxation and Cost.So,do not ignore it at any cost or you have to pay.(paper tough aaya to theory hi aapko bachayegi).We can look at this aspect in 2 stages-preparation and writing in the exam.


Books are thick ,we all know that...IN A PROFESSIONAL EXAM YOU CANNOT LEARN 100% by heart...that's the truth and we gotto accept it.The earlier,the better.Keep an eye on the scanner side by side.Here are a few tips-


1.PAINT YOUR BOOK-- yeah..you heard right.ready with your pencil and rubber...get set ..GO!!!.......no...wait...no cartoons and sketches please!!

With each topic in theory subjects like Information technology,Strategic Management ..make it a habit to write the gist of the paragraph on the side with a pencil so that you do not have to get back to the whole paragraph again. It will be very very condusive at time of revision.

There are many topics which are too lengthy and reading the whole content from the beginning is not possible. AND there is no better option than the institute's material in Information tech. and Strategic Management . SO it might sound boring and laborious but it will surely pay off.Trust me it will work wonders.

2.NOTES-I was never a firm believer in making lengthy notes.Notes are definitely needed for a subject like TAXATION. But for other subjects ...well books have the required content in easy language . And if you find some topic confusing or hard to digest from the book then make good and short notes on it. YOU ARE GOING TO BE A PROFESSIONAL.YOU NEED NOT TO MAKE NOTES AS A MATTER OF FORMALITY.TRY OPTION 1 (paint your book ) instead.Views over this point can differ with different people.Use compiler in costing and financial management coz the content in theory is a bit too much so main book is not a very tempting option.




Well o well, theory writing is an art.Try to think from examiner's point of view.Keep the following 2 points in mind considering the time factor and speed which varies from student to student.BELIEVE ME THIS CAN PROVE TO BE THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A ZINXED 39 and A SPARKLING 40.There can be 2 possibilities-




You need to write in such a way that the teacher does not get a scope to deduct marks. Marks in theory depend a lot on the examiner.5 on 5 might not be on cards but 4.5 upon 5 is definitely achievable.Just don't let the offer go begging.Who said that we need to write only 5 points in a 5 marks answer??anyone?no one i guess...So...my friend ..try to be on the safe side...write 1-2 points extra so that the examiner doesn't get scope to deduct 1-2 marks.


2.YOU ARE NOT CONFIDENT ABOUT THE ANSWER( high probability ..hehehe )

Even though you don't know the exact answer , you need to present your answer in such a way that the teacher gives you 20%-30% marks  ..are kuch to milega na..0 se acha 1...As a student of a highly reputed course,we believe that the students know at least something about the topic which will enable you to write something about it...even though not exactly correct but somewhere in proximity.The golden rule always comes in handy here-IF YOU CAN'T CONVINCE THEN CONFUSE THEM.(Do not forget to keep an eye on the clock).


DO NOT SIT IDLE IN THE EXAM HALL EVEN FOR A MINUTE.ITS A CRIME. Write something...something...if not this then that....anything...yeah...come on...apply your brain...kahan padha tha??.yeah you read something about the topic...somewhere?something?little little?.YES!!!! YES!!!..its clicking...here you are,...spot on.....!!!pheewww..!!!

who knows what's in store for the future......If you won't try ,then how can even God help you??GIVE YOUR DESTINY A CHANCE MY FRIEND..


Hope these tips and trick from a naughty mind of mine were of some help.Good luck.My views might look stupid to some people but ....main to aisi hi hoon..shaitaani dimaag hai..maano ya na maano...hehhehe..!!!




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