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      EXAM HALL me balle balle

"TEEN GHANTE...TEEN GHANTE HAIN TUMHARE PAAS....YE TEEN GHANTE TUMSE KHUDA BHI NAHI CHHEEN SAKTA."..my favourite dialogue from my favourite CHAK DE INDIA in  fultoo C.A style.....yes...3 hours .... everything depends on these 3 hours....months of hard work...dozens of sleepless nights...lots and lots of sacrifices...(Salman ki nayi movie se lekar Sachin ki century tak...town ke new restaurant se lekar girl friend ki birthday party tak.....na jaane kya kya kurbaan kiya hamne..lol).......But if not now then never....

Exam phobia is a very contagious disease..it spreads quicker than malaria and lovaria even..;).(lol).ICAI leaves no stone unturned in throwing bounces and googlies on us .....Now as proud C.A students ( who are best known for their wits and cunningness) , we also need to be prepared with our tactics to tackle each and every delivery ( at the same time look for runs)....so lets begin our new cricket match ...ICAI vs baccha party:P

ALL set...lets play gentlemen...(and gentle ladies)...


LAST MINUTE READING - Huh..please stop this...(ab book ko kha hi jaoge kya?)....it creates nothing other than confusion  and more confusion......It really doesnt look nice when some students are stuck to their books like lizard to wall till the last minute.(chipkili...yukk)..I would suggest all of you to part with your books at least 30 minutes before entering the exam hall.....Because of high pressure environment the students tend to forget a few points just outside the exam hall and this will surely shake their confidence..These are nothing but signs of exam phobia..the more you try to recall , the more confused you will be...So please give your mind sufficient time to relax...

STAY AWAY FROM BOOK WORMS- There can be a day when we don't find devotees outside a temple...but there can't be a scene where we won't find book worms outside an exam hall.. even looking at them can bring drops of sweat on your forehead (kitna padh raha hai yaar..main bhi book khol loon kya?)...they might even tempt you to open your books ....no dude..you are on the wrong track...keep cool... Better avoid them..KITAABI keedon se door raho..and in case your friend utters a topic you have no idea about..tere confidence ki to watt lag gayi...;(mujhe nai aata..ise aata hai

Chalo taiyaariyan to ho gayi...ab batting shatting bhi karni hai ki nahi?to chalo exam hall ke andar...


JUST CHILL CHILL JUST CHILL- YO ! !try to empty your brain from all the bookish material till you get the paper ....think about anything other than studies..like-who knows the nearby girl is too cute... can think about playing a prank on your friend......u might wanna humm your favourite song...nothing better than cursing ICAI for poor exam centre condition ....... time pass...(isme to ham sabse aage hain:P)....just try nd divert your attention somehow....

ANSWER SHEETS-we tend to get the answer sheets 10 minutes before the exam starts but the question paper is distributed exactly on time....Time to play smart...i would like to share a small trick of mine with all of you specially for Accounts paper..time is a huge factor we all know and we are never too sure about the lenght of the paper to come..so why not make full use of the 10 minutes we have before the exam starts...quickly finish the formalities and start your answers..ab aap poochoge ki question kahan hai??its in your mind only...

listen dude..at least in the Accounts paper we can utilise the time by drawing a few formats..journal .,ledger , balance sheet..kuch formats bana daalo..kaun dekh raha hai...now by any stretch of imagination i  cant imagine an Accounts paper without any question demanding a journal or ledger..it will come handy in any question...just draw a few formats in the meantime..kaun dekh raha hai?fusrat kisko hai dekhne ki?and THIS IS NOT CHEATING....yes its not..its just application of brain...this can save 5 minutes of yours somewhere and might be worth its weight in gold...in other papers you can try and recall some important formulas and note it down at the back of the paper...( invigilator ki nazar bachake karna;))...

AFTER EXAMS- just 1 word...BHAAGOOOO!!.:P..if you want to appear for your next paper in full flow please avoid discussing the answers after the exams..it might dent your confidence in case you find some mistakes....better leave the place as soon as you can...

This was my take on tackling the fear of exam hall...hope it helps..and SHAITAANI DIMAAG KI JAI HO............Good luck ji....



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