Innovative way to use time after Exam !!!

Ankur Garg (Company Secretary and Compliance Officer)   (114773 Points)

11 December 2010  

Dear Members,


As we all know that November 2010 CA Exams are over. So I have a simple and a useful suggestion for you all to utilize your time after exams in the most beneficial way. I truly believe that with this suggestion you can change your attitude and way of thinking and can change the lives of others.


As per my suggestion the best way to utilize your time after exam is to discuss / teach exam topics or chapters to a new PCC/IPCC or Final student. The above practice will help you to:


1. Maintain your flow of study


When you teach a student you have to be bang on target to handle student’s query and to ensure his/her conceptual clarity and for that you have to give at least one cool reading to the topic all over again. This reading of the topic after exams will surely help you to maintain your study flow. One more thing as after exams there will be no exam pressure on you so this reading will be 10 times more effective than the reading given during exam preparation. So as per my personal opinion if you wanted to learn something you should start sharing with others.




2. Learn new things with teaching experience


You can learn so many new things while teaching or discussing Exam oriented topics with others. It will also help you to maintain good and friendly relations with new students. You can share your experience and tricks with them and listen to their ideas. This inter-active session can really help you developing your personality and interaction skills. So find someone whom you can mentor on the subject that you want to master. You will learn quickly and indelibly.




3. Brush up your skills


This interactive cum teaching session with new PCC/IPCC or Final aspirants will also help you to brush up your inter-personal skills along with your academic skills like your communication skills, Interactive skills, Teaching or group discussion skills and skills to deal or face student queries.


In this kind of sessions you have to be quick while responding to the queries of others. So in this way this method can really help you in the overall development of your personality.


4. Figure out your mistakes in recent exams


During this kind of interactive sessions you can also figure out your mistakes committed during exams. Reason being after exams you have ample time in your hands to analyse your mistakes. In other words you can explore new ideas to improve your exam strategy by exchange of ideas with other students. Some of important point of your discussion should include:


i. How to improve presentation and writing skills?


ii. How to prepare a good revision schedule?


iii. Discussion about good reference books and notes


iv. Best Time Management


v. Trick or Tips to remember sections or case law


vi. How to improve the conceptual clarity of a particular topic


5. Correct utilisation of your time


There is one more important feature of this kind of interactive session. It will also help you to utilize your energy in the best possible manner. This kind of session is very useful to ensure your focus on your goal and connectivity with your study and books. Only way out to understand and utilize this suggestion is to fully enjoy this kind of academic interaction.


6. Improve your conceptual clarity about the topic


This kind of interactive session can give you more clarity about the concept as we all know that discussion is the best way out to improve your memory and re-calling power. Before starting the discussion or teaching give a sound and conceptual reading to the topic. You may clear your doubts with the help of each other. In free time you can prepare your own notes and discuss them with others for better clarity.


7. Lots of satisfaction


Of course lot of satisfaction and lots of good friends will be there when you help others. The feeling of helping others with your talent and knowledge is really awesome. Believe me this can change your life and thought process.


8. Higher Confidence

Well after the above points this point is really easy to understand. Of course this kind of interactive session will surely give you lot of confidence about your preparation style and how to deal with people. It is quite obvious that when people start reacting positively to your thoughts, your confidence will rise automatically.  



So on that note sincerely hope that you’ll find the above points useful. So give them a thought and try to implement them. If you like this innovative idea and its benefits then let me know by sharing your valuable thoughts.


Best Regards

Ankur Garg