I got my answer sheet


23 November 2011  

Dear students.


i have send a letter to icai for demanding answer sheet under rti act,

yesterday i shock that they send me my all (copy) answer sheet from speed post.


-i see that they have worst checking for some questions & not give full marks even they full right.

-if u have some small mistake than 50% marks cut immediately without any strong reason.

- Be confidential. i request to all student that marks have manipulated...so don't disclose marks to other person.

- in IT & SM they have not give me atleast some reasonable marks....but its okey.......marks may different from checker to checker.

- if u also wan't to ur answer sheet than send application under rti act, with postal order..of 10 Rs.

if u have any query about above than u can call me 95866 16878.....Hiral Patel-IPCC student.