Final Audit -- most helpful book??

CA Sravani P (Partner) (57 Points)

23 March 2011  

Hi all

I am appearing for new syllabus may 11 final first group. I had previously appeared last nov in old syllabus. I was then following kamal garg. I now thought of changing to surbhi bansal. Is it a good decision? I found kamal garg pretty much the same as the institute matrl. Frankly a little dry and not very interesting. However, Ms. Bansal has given everything in a crisp and compact format. Would you consider it to be sufficient enough for Final examination or should I support it with another author too.. Pls help as the other posts relating to best book for auditing are all very varied and no one is able to come to any conclusion on a majority basis also abt which book is good enough... Pls helllllllllpppppp...