Big 4's - do they create a better CA ? A big question

SANYAM ARORA (“It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.”)   (20168 Points)

19 September 2011  

Hey friends - A Very Good evening to all the members of CCI Family.

Friends Today I am here to discuss a very vital topic for all of us i.e

                                                "  BIG 4'S - Do they create a Better CA ?  A Big QUESTION ".

Friends After passing the group 1 of IPCC, the first question that comes in the mind of students is " what to do and which firm to choosse " and in a hurry many of us take a wrong decesion and we regret the whole of your life.

This is a very important decesion which can make or Ruin our life. So as a part of " ERNST & YOUNG ", I Think i can be a great guide to all of you. 

So lets go for it my friends -

Introduction -

First of all for better understanding of students following are counted in the BIG 4'S -

PWC ( Price Water House Coper Limited ), EY ( ERNST YOUNG ), KPMG and Delloitte.

These are very Reputed firms in terms of CA'S. I Know its really difficult to get selected in these firms because of their strict selection procedures. But once you get selected, your life will change my friend. Being a pary of EY for last 7 months, i have undergone a lots and lots of changes. I See a new sanyam now. I Can talk to clients in a very pleasant manner and my English has also improved a lot.

So there are many things which i want to share with all of you. So lets start the discussion -

Advantages of being in BIG 4'S -

1. Immense knowledge -

By working with big 4's You become specialised in the area you have chosen. They provide you the best of the knowledge they can. Personally speaking i have learned a lot in the area of Indirect Taxation which i share with all of you. So its better to be a part of Big 4's ( ONE POINT ).

2. Big Clients -

Another vital aspect of BIG 4'S is that they provide an oppurtunity  to work on big clients. I will share with you all my personal experience. The cliets i work on are " BMW, SAMSUNG, RICOH, etc. When i visit these clients i see how life works. You get to know how professional works  and their behaviour is too oosum. Whenevr i visit these places i used to learn something new as well as it is called " Relation building ". I Get to meet the seniour manager of SAMSUNG, so by visiting their place, you make a new contact which can help you in the future.

3. Trainings - 

BIG 4'S also provide various tranings on the part in which you are not techanically strong. This is called " Becoming a bright Professinal ".  Like what i got from EY is folowing trainigs -

(a) Communication skills

(b) PMDP

(c)  Performance councelle and many more.

4.Professionalisom - 

The most vital part of being In BIG 4'S is you learn the each and every aspect of being a professional. While working with the professionals you learn a lot. 

For example - How to behave, sit, eat, speak and when to speak and when not too .......!!!!! 

And also how to manage pressure can only be learn by working with BIG 4'S and Medium firms.

5. Monetary Terms - 

I Know its not an important aspect in the learning stage, but when an inten gets the best he will provide the best to the firm. Thats the only reason the BIG 4'S pay the highest stipend.

6. After CA -

The best part of working with Big 4's is that they recruit you as and when you become a CA and will pay you more in comparison to newly hired CA's. 

So these were some important aspects which i wanted to bring in front of you all. 

I think its much to make you all satisfied for tring in BIG 4'S. 

So never be afraid to try in BIG 4'S as it is said that " Mehnat karne vaalo ko he manzil prapt hote hai..........!!!!!!

Thanks & Regards

Sanyam Arora