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First of all very good morning to all the CCI members. I will like to draw your kind attention toward a very vital topic " importance of exemption in CA ". Exemption plays a very vital role in CA exams. It provides us an another opportunity to achieve our aim. It gives a motivation to us so dont leave CA. . so lets go for it friends. . . . . .

Importance Of Exemption In CA

1. Meaning

Basically exemption refers to getting 60 or more than 60 marks in CA exams. makes a good impression on our friends as well as the employer. It also helps to get rank in the examination. It is valid upto just 3 attempts. Taking for an instance if mr a got exemption in nov 10 exams. .it will be valid upto may 12 examination. So it a positive step initiated by the icai.

2. Advantages

A. Exempt

If a student fails in the examination but he has got exemption in 1 or more subjects, he/she will be exempt from those papers. So it means he will be required to just give the remaining papers and will be having more time to study.

B. Motivation

Exemption act as a serious motivator for the ones who have decided to quit. It act as a second opportunity for achieving our aim. It is truly said that if a person fails but gets exemption, he will definitely clear in 1 or 2 nd attempt.

C. Time saving

So it is very clear that if 1 or more papers are exempt, we will have less papers now, so it provides more time to study less subjects. So now we can go in depth of the subjects. it is a big gift from icai to students.

D. Hook

If someone gets a exemption in 1 or more subject, a hook will be attached to him/her. It means a hook will be attached to you, you will definitely get through in next or the next to next attempt.

E. Positive way

Always take exemption in a positive way. ..doesnt matter that you have failed, but atleast now a subject or more will be less. .it might help you in getting rank in the other attempt.

3. Disadvantage

As such there is no disadvantage, but exemption will valid for a period of 3 attempts. But I think the person who gets a exemption will definitely clear in next attempt . . . . . ..!!!!

4. Conclusion

So dont be dis-hearted that u have not cleared this time but atleast you have an exemption. ..say thanks to god for his kindness toward you and start�your�studies with a new spirit. . ..!!!!!

Eagerly waiting for�your�precious comments . . . . . .!!!!!!



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