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Big 4's - do they create a better CA ? A big question

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RG - A Helping Hand (Company Secretary) (13867 Points)
Replied 20 September 2011


Very nice write up dear Sanyam……




As per my understanding NO BIG 4 doesn’t create a better CA but they certainly create a polished one with better confidence and skills.


So for me article ship with BIG 4 is 100% an added advantage.


However sacrificing other training opportunities just bcoz of BIG4 article ship is not a good idea. What is most imp is the ATTITUDE to succeed in life.






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SANYAM ARORA (“It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.”)   (20168 Points)
Replied 20 September 2011

Thanks a lot everyone...........!!!!!!!!

@ ! @


BALASUBRAMANYA B Npro badge (CCI STUDENT....) (44668 Points)
Replied 20 September 2011

Hello every one

Very good post bro.

From this post I can see you’re getting mature day by day bro, that’s a good sign for success career. But what can I say about big4 is not perfect for CA students, in bgi4 only one line you will be masters and it will be useful if your entering to corporate sectors.

If you’re going to practice than medium size firms always best to work and can learn all the fiends. I support medium firms more rather than big4. In big 4 only u expect more money and mnc exposure..

This is my view not hurt anyone, hope you people understand. Different mindset thinks different, so my mind thinks like this.

Big4 also a good but not like medium size firms to get knowledge in all different fields which we can’t get in big4.


Don’t go behind money,


Go behind knowledge.








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Tushar (Service) (159 Points)
Replied 21 September 2011

Dear Sanyam,


Thanks for your valuable guidance regarding getting articled with the BIG 4. But I have read few articles regarding getting chance to get with BIG 4. Could you please guide us for that?



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Ateeq (CA - Final) (218 Points)
Replied 21 September 2011

In my opinion BIG 4 demonstrates the luxury, the attitude, the real sense and the true concepts of auditing, only if you are working under a person who is having proper mentality of understanding your needs. Otherwise the life will be none the less than a punishment. Further educational point of view if you keep your eyes open and compare the study materials or guidance notes than you will get the real understanding of the concepts of accounting, law, taxation and auditing. Say a person is doing audit of a stock broking concern, and if only with that knowledge and experience if he studys companies act, He will find it difficult to adjust and understand the true concepts of companies act. Say on the other hand if another person has participated in the audit of manufacturing and trading concern of a private or public limited company then he will be familiar with a bit of hardwork and references with the following concepts: -

1. Accounting (Entries pattern and procedure).

2. Costing.

3. Accounting standards.

4. Direct taxes.

5. Indirect taxes.

6. Companies Act and So on!!!!!!!!!! an endless list depending upon the applicability of acts on the company.

Hence I believe that working with Big 4s will be an real time good opportunity, but only for those who knows how to utilise the opportunity.

I heartly regret to all those to whom i have hurted directly or indirectly.

Ateeq (CA - Final) (218 Points)
Replied 21 September 2011

Further I myself dont go with an understanding that the matters what i have said in earlier post , can be done only by or with Big 4s.

Everything depends upon the article student, that in what way he/she guide him/herself in the crowd of opinions.

The easiest way is try to be practical and use the opportunity of articleship as tool to strengthen, enhance and refine ones own skills with a bit of efforts and a lot of harwork.

SANYAM ARORA (“It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.”)   (20168 Points)
Replied 22 September 2011

Thanks everyone.........!!!!!!


Originally posted by : Akash

Wonderful Post Bro!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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SANYAM ARORA (“It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.”)   (20168 Points)
Replied 22 September 2011

Thanks a lot.........!!!!!

navinkumar naicker (Article) (419 Points)
Replied 22 September 2011

hi sanyam i wanted to know whether u use SAP application or ur own E&Y software at client place. thanks
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SANYAM ARORA (“It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.”)   (20168 Points)
Replied 23 September 2011

Bro E&Y software..........!!!!!!!!!


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a very good post.....

really happy for u that u are in Big4 ....i wished i had known about this before....

Sumit Grover (Chartered Accountant ) (3652 Points)
Replied 24 September 2011

BIG4s' persons(whthr u take artcle or CAs or other employees) really possess the highest degree of  professionalism.  nd they r presentable in such a way dat thet can b easily recognised in d society as sum1 special personality.

the same can be seen 4m d wonderful presentation made by our one of d fav CCI frnd--SANYAM ARORA...

nyc sharing dude!!!!!

hats off 2 u man!

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SANYAM ARORA (“It's hard to beat a person who never gives up.”)   (20168 Points)
Replied 24 September 2011

thanks a lot bro


Nice Sharing ab ye bhi bata dena wat parametrs they have for fresh ca kuyki artileship to ho gayi  after qualifying agar hopes ho to we may  try...........

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