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Let me touch a very important topic today; topic that concerns each and every individual especially students.

How many times do you look at your phone while studying? How many times fights with your girlfriend or boyfriend impacts your mind? How many times you watch television or surf internet uselessly?

There are certain things in life which demand your attention; your focus. The most important thing in life is your ambition or goal. The things which sway you away from your goal are called distractions.

Your goal may be a complete fitness and distractions may be alcohol or your laziness.  But your goal at this point of time is success in exams and you have to avoid distractions to successfully crack it. You can't afford to waste time on things that will give output or that won't add value to your goal.

Now how to deal with it?

First and foremost, you are your best judge. You know the best about yourself. You know all the answers but you just want to hear it from others because you are doubting yourself for this. Stop this self-doubt, accept the life as it is and take responsibility to change it.

Clear your mind of all the mess that surrounds it. Just keep the life as simple as possible. When you want something badly you have to sacrifice for it. So you must be clear about your goal. Your goal at this point of time is success in CA exams or whatever you have set yourself up for. Any hindrance towards it needs to be avoided at any cost. Ask yourself if a particular thing will help you reach to your goal or not?

It may be over thinking about your failures, or any other worry surrounding you. Trust me, its not going to help.

You need to take charge of your life; you are the driver of your life. So you need to divert your mind towards progressive thoughts. Don’t let the mind master you, be its master.

There will be time for everything in life, but you have to be clear about what you want at a particular point of time.

So, stop the useless stuff that throng you and be clear and specific about what you want in life and work towards it.

That’s the only way to avoid the useless distractions.



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