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Hooked up with humour

We were relishing a comedy show in TV: A royal, arrogant looking young man walks into a high-class function not realizing there was spilled water in front. Alas! He puts his foot upon the wet floor, loses his balance, his posture at a laughably awkward angle and just before he’s about to fall, he somehow manages to pull himself back to normalcy and pretends with a big, fake, pretentious grin that nothing has happened!

Needless to say, we all burst out laughing to the point of tears and stomach aches! Well, it’s just not on TV. It does happen; to all of us. Awkward incidents and occurrences full of folly and farce keep popping around us. Humour, indeed, is life’s hilarious offer!

We are all born with humour within us; attached to our DNA. Just mull over it: The amazing ability to smile, to laugh, to feel amused and funny is nothing short of life’s miracle. Science cannot explain or quantify them in logical terms.

I’m not kidding when I say that “Happiness and Humour” are like happily married couple! Directly proportional - When in humour, you are happy. And, when you are happy, you are a natural humorist! And of course, it’s a skill one can hone up to achieve success in life. Oh yes, it’s the truth. People with good sense of humour really have the knack of getting along well with others, have the flair of getting things done seemingly easily and effortlessly. One can even say - The chuckles, chortles and cackles, if used carefully, act as catalysts to a charismatic persona!   

Look around and you’ll stumble upon variety of humour everywhere. Variety? Yeah, you read it right. Let’s talk about everyday humour. It’s the hidden hilarity or humour that greets you almost every day. One just has to have the keen sense to observe it. It might be a funny face you see or funny voice of your friend that tickles your funny bones. It might be a funny argument with your better half (Alas! Those humorously henpecked husbands!). Or it might be a comical incident – Recently in morning, I saw a hungry cat chasing a horrified rat around the house. I couldn’t help but laugh: Cats really have to be fast enough to have their breakfast! Likewise, I saw a naughty boy splashing a bucketful of water on a sleeping puppy. The poor creature yelped and scuttled off with its tail between its legs! While that could make you giggle, you better should not. Playing pranks can be branded as “ill sense of humour” by PETA. So think before you laugh! So, all in all, everyday humour has its own benefits! The LOL moments of the day can make your life on a roll! 

Created humour is of another kind. Reading jokes or comics, watching a slapstick drama, comedy shows or videos or movies full of wits and puns are the best recreational activities in today’s world. In fact, joke clubs or laughing clubs come to the rescue of stressed out people. If you are in stress, head off to such a club and laugh your head off with others without any reason! It really uplifts the mood and keeps you upbeat all the day.

Self-humour is of a special kind. It’s the ability to laugh at your own mistakes or silliness. It’s the skill to smile through your difficulties and emerge out as a winner. Hurting-humour or Ill-humour is another kind that should be avoided at any cost. Laugh with others and not at others must be kept in mind.        

Now, seriously speaking, one should stop being so serious about things! In today’s world of cut-throat competition, life has become monotonously mundane. You can’t deny. Forget about laughing, people have sacrificed their smiles for silly things like money and materialism. People meet and greet with no smiles or artificial ones on their faces. Their smiles do not extend fully to their eyes. The saying Smile costs nothing has literally become passé!  

Sometimes I fantasise about our future. I won’t gasp with surprise if a child, in near future, is born without any humour. Humourless Humans is the next evolution, I daresay. Believe me, if that’s the case, Laughter-Profession will be the emerging scope. People with Special Comic Skills will be in high demand, will be highly paid, and will be equivalent to engineers and doctors. In fact, Laughing Gas Booths will be installed across the cities. You just have to enter the booth, put on the mask, breath the gas, laugh out heartily and come out refreshed! Ha-Ha!

Well, well, well, I might’ve scared you out your wits, wittily enough! So let’s all pray to the heavens for not cursing us with such a funny-less future! Let us take three vows. (I am not speaking of woes, mind you! But humorous vows that would make your life full of wows!).

  • Vow no.1: Look out for humour every day, everywhere!
  • Vow no.2: Laugh out loud with others, even for no reason at all, because that’s the very reason for you to be happy!
  • Vow no.3: Vow to follow these two vows all your life to keep your funny side up! Wow!

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CA Saurav Somani
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