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But why? Here are some of reasons why you should not quit. I may be little harsh in discussion. Sorry for the roughness but this is 20 years of experience which I want to share with all of you. Read every point carefully and take pause, analyse it thoroughly and then go to the next.

1. A journey to become CA is beautiful with ups and downs. Everyone is making their own story so you also make at your own pace and trust me the things which are taking you down if you still don’t give up tomorrow you will only talk about it very positively.

2. If articleship is slogging so what? Do it. In the end you will shine bright. I hope you understand even if you like Chaat, Chinese, and Biryani etc. You can’t eat all your favourite food at a time.

3. Stop listening to negative talks and discussions about results and ICAI. CA field has got n number of options it depends on you, how you learn. Accounts, tax, law take the knowledge actually not exam oriented.

4. Don’t pay attention to friends, family and neighbours comments. I will tell you they are innocent. They don’t know what CA is. If you fail for 1 mark you have to study all the subjects again for 6 months more. Listen to your heart trust yourself and move ahead with confidence. You don’t need any certificate from others.

5. Please don’t do any analysis of results. Just think, now what best can you do about it. Past is over. Now only you and your studies. Focus 100%.

6. Just close your eyes and visualise where you want to see yourself after few years. In multinational company, in sophisticated AC cabin, in Sedan car or something less than that.....

7. Then pick up a note book make good plan, work 100% on the plan and you will succeed. Work very hard, of course smart work is needed but it cannot be a substitute to hard work. No one has become CA around you without hard work and slogging.

8. Don’t give any excuses. If you have guts to write that excuses in final exam answer sheet then it is worth accepting. Otherwise stop giving excuses to yourself.

9.  Like a marriage horse (with pad around eyes) only you and your final exam. Focus 100%. Go out, take break but when you study  put your 100%.

10. Before you start just do little self analysis where you need to focus more, do writing practice, give more self test from RTP, manual questions, and start writing duration in practice. When you write self test and compare it with standard answers you will come to know small mistakes of presentations, reference to sections etc. and you will be polished for final exam.

11. Take care a lot of your health as first priority. Where do we have time to fall ill? We can’t just effort to be ill. You will miss classes, pending portions to be completed. May not be every day but at least some days rise before sun and see beautiful sunrise. Do yoga, meditation, pranayam, walking, dancing, and swimming whatever you like. So that when you sit for studies you are refreshed.

12. Kill the pending work now  now: Thinking of pending work drains our energy. So rather than postponing pending work try to finish them early so that you are relaxed to study.

13. Empty your mind. Often when we sit to study 100 other thoughts come to our mind. About other subjects, personal work what not.  So when you sit to study just keep a small diary and note down other pending work to be done. Make a proper plan. Gradually your mind will become empty and you will concentrate well.

14. Peer group: You need a good peer group of friends & seniors who will motivate each other, stretch each other up. Specially to study theory subjects. Prepare a topic, then ask each other questions and discuss the theory topic.

15. Don’t panic for the updates, amendments. There are little amendments for Nov 2016 exam. New course is not applicable for nov 2016 exam. Institute is clarifying all amendments well in advance.

16. Don’t give up I have seen students taking 2,3,4,5 attempts to pass. But once they are done no one is asking why and they are doing too good now in their professional work.

17. Near my house 1 big tree was cut with all branches for some construction work. But within 10 days tiny green branches with leaves started shooting out from dry branches. This is nature and this is human nature also. Newer newer give up just carry the vision 5 years from now everyday morning – evening and work for that long term vision. Education is part of life…. not life. The world needs you .Just be positive and move forward. The way you think so will happen with you.

18. Don’t panic for the updates, amendments. There are not much amendments for Nov 2016 exam. New course is not applicable for Nov 2016 exam. Institute is clarifying all amendments well in advance.

A lot more to say, but with this I want to end now. May the best come to you always. With this article, if I have uplifted 1 heart, motivated 1 student it's worth writing. Mail your queries to

The author can also be reached at

All the very best to you and thanks a lot for sparing time to read this.


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