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Look at your palm. Try checking to see if it’s the same as your friend’s. It’s not, so don’t even try.

You are a unique person; that’s why you have the name you have.

Even though you share the same name with countless people, it’s just a name. God sent you down to earth to bloom, to sprout, to live out the message that’s embedded in you, regardless of the name you bear, for whatever name you bear doesn’t matter. What does is how we live the ‘me’ in our name.

We can have two Bill Gates or two Oprah Winfreys but that won’t make them the same people. We’ve spent careless time trying to be that other person. That other person on television screens and glossy pages is not you; it’s her, it’s him.

You are the one here, creating your own memo, filling your own blanks and dreaming your own dreams. You’re the one here, crying your own tears, facing your own fears and filling the world with your laughter.

How many times have you given up because you feel that what you’re about to do has already been done before? I have, but that’s not where you ought to throw in your towel.

Try a different approach and then a different one and then another different one. It’s in those differences that you certainly get your marks.

Set expectations. You’re not a Titan, so don’t just go setting expectations and don’t hope to transcend them. You need those expectations to check if you’re on point.

When you throw in your towel at your first defeat, what’ve you learned? You don’t have to know everything that’s been written in the history books before you set out to make your mark.

You don’t have to wait for that right time, when you’ve received all the degrees your name should have attached to it, before you can be the person you should be. There is no right time to start; you start first and you get it right.

You start now with that little in your hands, that fire in your heart and that faith you have in the God that sent Moses to Egypt with just a staff and his stutter.

When you wake up every morning, look at yourself in the mirror, even if it’s only your eyes you see, and tell yourself this:

“God, it’s another new day today. I didn’t complete what I started yesterday. I may not even complete it today but I will complete it because only I can and only you can. Through these hands and through these eyes, you gave me the ability to see the world through rose-colored spectacles.”

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