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The demise of Sushant Singh Rajput has deeply saddened everyone. We have lost one of the greatest actors. In this hour of grief, I would like to share my views with all of you.

Being a CA finalist, I can feel every student is going through different problems in their respective life.

But I would just say one think. Guys feel blessed if you are safe at your home. Appreciate yourself, you are getting homemade food (Maa ke hath ka khana) Isn't it beautiful? Indeed it is.

COVID has brought uncertainty in everyone's life.  But remember that, "Every dark cloud has silver lining."

As a student, we are going through multiple problems in our life:

1. You are not sure when will exams conducted?

There is uncertainty whether or not the exams will be conducted. In such a situation, listen to your heart.  Decide what you would want to do if exams are/ain't conducted. If exams are conducted as scheduled and you wish to appear then just go and give your best. And if you don't wish to give exams then take a break and come back with all your heart. Talk to your family about how you feel. Your parents would listen and agree. I am sure. Guys taking it to Social Media and making it trending on twitter is not the right way. Believe that the Institute will take the right decision for us.

2. Institute Decision is not in your favour?

Isn't it ok? It is absolutely ok. You will become a  Chartered after six months. So what? No one is stopping you to take this degree. So Accept it with all your heart. "Acceptance is the key". Be a balanced person in any situation of life. Make sure you will think for rank whenever you will give exam.

3. Because of migration, you are not able to study?

To clear any exam you must have the desire and the will. But the environment is not in your favor. There are both types of students around me who are studying and who are not studying. Even if you are not studying, make sure your decision to not to study is thought through and you are using this time as you want. It may be utilized to learning new skills, painting, helping your mother, learning a new language whatever it is.

If you wish to study. Just note down what you want to accomplish tomorrow and complete it. You will feel to do more. You may join any chapter wise test series and cover your syllabus. Each and every minute you choose how to handle yourself.

4. All family members are at home, are you getting disturbed?

Actually I can't talk much about this. It is very much a personal opinion but still, I will try. You can talk with all your family members. You can explain to them the importance of your exam. I am sure they will listen to you.

5. You don't have books? What to do?

You can Xerox from friends available in your city. You can tell you, friends, to send you Xerox. As far as I know, courier has already started. You can reach out to Knowledge Portal, take pdf, and print it out.

Dear friends, Today you are in problems. Your mental health is not good. You have fear, there is uncertainty. You are thinking when will things finally settle? When you will qualify and start earning money?

I want to say you, your emotions are more important. Being you is more important. When exams postponed even I felt sad,I couldn't study for one day but later I made plan on how to handle myself.

Please don't feel discouraged. This too shall pass. Here are a few things you can try:

-You are feeling low call your best friend and speak out everything.

-You are not feeling to give exams talk with your dad and assure him, you will appear in the next attempt with all your heart. Nothing wrong in that. Then carry your hobby, learn new skills, and come back to study.

-You don't want the institute to take exams, it's ok. If the institute takes exams, don't appear.

-You want to study but you can't study. Take a paper write down problems and solution. You will find them. Just believe you are a miracle.

-Think what ranker student is doing right now? I must say he or she solution-oriented person instead of problem-oriented.


Just don't take all negativity in your head. I am very much sure you are in trouble but you should only think about things which are in your control. Acceptance is the key. If anything takes time in life, let it be. Just be honest with yourself. You are the one who will takes all decisions of your life, believe in yourself.

By taking negativity, you are losing control over life. Life is beyond your career. You are you.

And last but not least.


Have at least one person in your life with whom you are sharing everything. It's ok to have depression but it is not ok to not find a solution. Once you find a solution take one step at a time. Be a wonderful person. Once you accomplish, you will feel grateful. Life is wonderful.

Just imagine you clear your exams in COVID 20, you can tell a story to everyone how you clear your exams even in this tough situation.

 "There is light at the end of tunnel." "Being content and happy with yourself is what matters most."

The purpose of writing this article is just to take care of your mental health. I may not be perfect but even if one student felt calm after reading this, my purpose is solved.

"Just want to say, one smile, one word of encouragement, one ray of hope, one right decision, your positive vibes, your support and most importantly listening to your dear ones can take a person from zero to one."


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Pranjali Bhapkar
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