For most working professionals, working from home is a challenge they are struggling to overcome. While for some others, it' s a boon that they have happily welcomed. It' s understandable that working remotely, without any company and communicating remotely with co-workers can seem like a a cumbersome and tedious task, but what cannot be avoided, needs to be embraced! With majority of IT companies conducting their operations on the work from home model, its absolutely necessary for employees to ensure their productivity and work life balance are not compromised. Here are a few tips to make working from home a pleasurable and easier experience !

1. Stick to your normal:

Working from home can seem like just another day at office, except the commute time. It' s important that one sticks to the normal routine so as to maintain efficiency. Wake up at your usual time, have a good breakfast and prepare yourself for the day.

2. Plan your day:

Remember those days in school when we all had a time table to follow! In times such as these, self discipline is of utmost importance. This can be done by penning down your time-table for the day, including lunch breaks, leisure breaks and dividing your day into hours dedicated for each of the tasks you are to tick off by the end of the day! Making a conscious effort to stick to this time frame can bring one all the productivity and positivity needed!

3. Set aside your workstation:

As much as one enjoys curling up on a sofa or couch, it' s important to have a dedicated space which is free from distractions so that it doesn't affect the quality of your work. The main advantage of having a separate workstation is that once you enter the space, you are subconsciously ready to get to work!

Work from home - Tips that do the trick

4. Keep your tummy happy:

A happy mind is a result of a happy tummy most of the times! So keep yourself pampered with quick and healthy snacks in middle of work. Place a jug of water at your work desk and keep yourself hydrated! Have lunch, snacks and dinner at proper intervals, necessarily, away from your work desk.

5. Indulge in music therapy:

Music has the power to soothe those tensed nerves and relax a tired mind. For those who do not get distracted with light music, play a soothing background music while at work! It can surely help improve focus and prevent boredom!

6. Break the monotony:

In order to maintain efficiency at work throughout the day, its important to give yourself breaks at regular intervals. One can utilize this time in connecting with friends over call, going for a quick walk, taking a quick power nap! This helps one re-energize and rejuvenate!


7. Cleanliness is godliness:

Every place has its vibe, so does your work station. Our environment impacts the conditioning of our minds, our moods and interests! Its key to keep your workdesk and the surroundings clean! A desk free from clutter also brings a great deal of clarity to the mind!


8. Catch up with colleagues:

In order to check the progress of your team members or colleagues, make sure you book their time and catch up on the important points to discuss at regular intervals. Co-operation amongst team members prevents misunderstandings, re work and chaotic situations!

9. Flex those muscles:

A healthy body is must to ensure the proper functioning of the mind. Stretch those muscles every now and then, maintain the right posture. This could mean engaging in chair exercises, stretching and light body movements that release the stress from the muscles and prevents lethargy & stiffening of bones!

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