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Words of Loser

Krish , 23 February 2012  

What do you think? CA is difficult or not? Obviously either your answer will be “Yes”, if you are fed up with attempts to try again & again or may be “No” if you have cleared your attempt in 1st attempt. Ok salute to those who cleared in 1st attempt. Actually I am counted in the first type of people who says “Yes”, I am the person who want to do CA or be CA but don’t want to do hard work, I have to pass the exam but I can’t wake up early in the morning, I am the person who always do promises now I will do my best in this attempt, but never able to keep up my promises. Because I want 8 hrs to sleep, I want to spend time with my friends; I want to attend parties and even I have also lot of excuses to make up my mind that I am correct too, like “there is a need of 7 hrs to sleep to study well early morning or how can I study at night after 10 hrs of article ship”. How smart I am, haina or how foolish I am. While I know all these things are foolish one because if I can sit continuously 2-3 hrs in Facebook after long hours of my articleship then I can study too. But no, I want to do all enjoyment of my life along with this Course.

Actually I want to say I don’t have right to say that CA course is tough, to blame examiners that they didn’t check well, to blame circumstances that I didn’t have enough time to complete course and even I don’t have right to blame God “Why you always do like this only with me”.

I lost this attempt and It’s very difficult to face the taste of Fail and also the days after result, it’s very difficult to face people/relatives when they ask “What about result ? Is it your 2nd Attempt, isn’t?” It is very difficult to face when your friends have passed but you are not and they said “Don’t worry, try your best in next time”. It’s very difficult to face the situation when you heard that your friends are now CA & you are still in Article ship. But I deserve it.

I know it’s my fault and I have to face such things, because I deserve that, It’s my fault that I have wasted my precious time for just attending my relative’s marriage, just because watching  movie, enjoying parties, watching cricket, chatting with friends and just because “Let’s start from Tomorrow”.

I was feeling very bad, very nervous and here i am going to share few words of my Parents that helped me to feel more confident:

Stupid still you are crying, still you have time to crying. Wake up, helloo. What do you think? Is it a game for you? "Just start and if lose then just try another one". This is not a game my son, this is your career that will decide your future how you survive whether like a hero or just like a common man, just waiting for salary for every demand of wife & children, travelling in local train with thinking. Sala us time kuch kar gye hote to khud ki Car hoti” or there are lot of things that even you can’t realise what type of problems you are going to face. The day will come when you realize that what you have lost. The day will come when you will realise what a big mistake you have done. The day will come when you would only able to realise the things instead of doing. Wake up my son, otherwise “life aisa rulayegi ki rona to chaoge but ro nhi paoge”. My dear son there is only one life, lot of options, lot of dreams just choose the one and hit the goal.

Choice is yours just 2-3 yrs Hard work and Sacrifices and enjoying whole life or Whole life Hard work & Sacrifices and enjoying this yrs. My dear son this is the time to be serious, to do sacrifices, to understand your responsibility, if you can’t then you are not allowed to do CA, every big achievement wants Dedication, Willpower & Sacrifices. If you can't, then you are doing very big mistake of your life, my dear son, please don’t play with your life, please don’t play with your career. Otherwise when life will start playing “Kehi ke nhi rehoge”. Utilise your precious time, “Agar abhi nahi to phir Kabhi bhi nahi”. Just 2-3 Yrs hard work, thereafter life will salute you, even you will feel proud on yourself.

Always keep in mind If you have taken this dare step to Join CA course, then of course there is some reason behind this step. Because there is a reason behind everything, maybe there is some reason that you have failed this time; perhaps somebody (God) wants that you should learn the meaning of hard work. Maybe you are missing something that you have to learn. Recognise your weakness, don’t blame anybody. See “To be different, you have to do different”.

See my son, there is nothing impossible in this world, the only requirement is your 100 % dedication. If you give your 100 % in anything, you will never get negative result. Mind it 100 % means 100 % even not 99.99%, because 0.01 % of laziness may be the reason of your failure. How is it come from? Just utilise your every second, yes every second, just think I have to do it, at any cost. Raise your willpower, raise your determination, raise your self-control, “Bas Jid karo Karna hai to karna hai, ukhad lo jisko ukhadna hai, mughe to bas CA banna hai”. I guarantee nobody will stop you to get your desired result. Yes you will face lot of difficulties in your way, but my dear son Bina mre to swarg bhi nhi milta”. Your determination & your willpower will help you to face these difficulties. “Try to become bestest, even not best, because there is no time to rest”. Prove to everyone who says that you can’t do this course, just shut them mouth. Yes this is the time to prove yourself, start it from now, you have to do & I know you will do, not only for you but also for us, because I know you want to see the tear of happiness in your Mom & Dad Eyes. Just dream for the day, when we will feel proud on you. This feeling will give strength whenever you will face difficulties in your life. Now it’s your turn to do something for us & I know you will do……….you will do…………& you will do.

Thanks for Reading.

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