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After re-defining the limits of procrastination, I finally decided to clean up my room today. As I was going through the tons of stuff which I did not even remember I had; guess what I found - my old beloved, my first love and my partner for so many nights – No you are getting it wrong, it was my CA Final book for tax laws.


…and it took me in flashback (yes, very much like Bollywood movies) and here is what I see a few years back in time.


I see a CA Final student incredibly frustrated and tensed for the coming attempt in November. The horror stories about how bad the results are, how difficult the May attempt paper was and the expectations from family and friends are all adding to the pressure.


I am thinking, may be it was a wrong decision to choose CA. I mean what’s the point - the papers are set to test memory than really understanding of the subject. The marking system does not seem to be transparent, how on earth even ten percent of the students cannot get fifty percent marks in the exam and so on.


I can imagine that a lot people amongst you would also be going through the same time now and might be having similar thoughts and worries.


As I travel back to the current time, I realize how important it was to work hard and make most of the preparation time so one doesn’t have to regret later. We should try to keep the negative thoughts away from us as much as we can; I know it’s easier said than done. Just putting down some lessons that I learnt in the process:


Yes, it is unfair (sometimes) but it’s worth it: The CA exams are difficult and sometimes the paper pattern seems unfair but at the end, when you finish the course you realize that it was worth it. It is important that CA remains an exclusive club and entry to the profession should be limited to only those who are worth it. In that process some deserving people also have to face disappointment but if you are good, you would make it sooner or later.


From biggest enemy to best friend:  As you will clear your exams, your biggest enemy ICAI will become your best friend. A friend who would open so many doors for you in your career starting with your campus placement


It’s an investment for life: The time and efforts that you are putting in studies now are your investment for lifetime.  Working really hard for four-five years for a good career in future is not a bad idea – is it?


Patience and Perseverance: One of the things which are not really taught in the course directly but in my opinion one of the biggest learning from it is – ‘patience and perseverance’. Two virtues that you would probably value more than anything that you can gain from this course


Every good thing comes at a cost and better things come at higher cost: And this probably is true for CA as well. Yes, it is difficult and that’s why it is valued so much.


Look forward to your feedback.

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