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Yesterday, at home we my mom, my dad and I were discussing on a popular saying:

“Sarkari school me padhna nhi hai.

Sarkari Hospital me Ilaaj Nhi karwana.

Sarkari Bus me nhi Jana.

But Naukri chahiye to Sarkari”.


“Everyone don’t want.

Education in Government School.

Treatment in Government Hospital.

Travelling in Government Buses.

But if they need a job it should be a Government job”.

My mom said that previously the services by Government were of worth among the masses and people use to say that they won’t prefer the private services.

My Dad said the whole situation is changed now because of the Government policies earlier student used to have admissions in Government colleges, and laborious students used to get scholarships for their efforts, people don’t took treatment from the so called Jhola chap doctors. He said the education of then is far better and knowledge is deeply rooted in the students which can be seen in the form of Experienced and renowned personalities.

I said Education is the only means by which the whole situation can be controlled and managed, if a child is educated and having depth knowledge he wont need any reservation for his efforts and abilities obviously.

But what happened now.

Why we are putting our children in Private Colleges for education in spite of high fee structure, caution money, donation, etc., we want admission for them by hook or crook, and we make an effort from head to toe. We will use our resources and even their resources for our favour. Ministerial resources are the most preferable one.

Can u believe the admission for a nursery child is 60,000 in the Capital of the country damn!

I just cant believe it!

The Government Hospitals are in very bad condition expiry medicines, unavailability of already purchased latest equipments which are in storeroom since their purchase.

God Knows why appropriate actions are not taken against the culprits even after knowing their wrong attitude towards the society.

The girls are not safe even at their home they are worried about the infringement of their modesty

These things point out the unstable structure of politics and to some extent we are responsible for this worst situation.

I am just fed up of the situation in the government sector.

Any way the whole thing depend on us how we react on the similar situations

To whom we select to make rules for us via voting, who is making efforts to improve the conditions of government sector and who is just increasing the money in his Swiss bank account.

We have to take action against these things and the most important of all is the voting right which most of us are not exercising we are not having time for voting.

I beg please go and exercise your right to bring a change in the government sector for the development of your society, state and your country and most important is for your Own sake

Go and Vote!

Published by

priyanshu saxena
(MBL, LL.B.(Hons.), CS (Professional) with 4 yrs exp as Law editor in Thakur Publishers Pvt. Ltd.)
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