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Hello friends,

I am a CA final student. I am writing this article because since I joined the course I met many students saying that they joined CA just to fulfill their Parents’ or Grand Parents’ dreams. Why?? We should respect our elders but why we should choose even a career of their choice not ours. While joining the course most of the students and their parents are not aware about the realities, toughness and hard work required to become a chartered accountant. And afterwards they complaint about the examination system of institute, article training and future after becoming CA. I heard many of my friends saying “yaar CA ke baad koi future nahi hai, itni mehnat karke kya faayda’, iss,se acchaa to koi aur line hi join kar leta” etc. etc. I want to ask them, then why they not quit it. Why they are wasting their time and hard earned money of their parents. If we’ve entered this profession then we should respect it. I think the main problem is that most of us start CA just after passing 12th and at that level we are not able to understand our field of interests and hard work required to become CA and get into because our friends are doing or our parents dream about. I suggest all new entrants to think wisely before starting any course, think about your interests. We do all as per our parents’ choice…even marriage but at least career should be of our own choice.

Here I want to share my own story. I was born in a very backward area of Uttar Pradesh in lower middle class family where education is not much valued. People want their children to earn money as early as possible. The same was with our family. We migrated to Punjab as my father was working here. My parents’ thinking is also as same as others to some extent, but I managed to complete graduation by hook or crook in April, 2010 now I could not ask for money to do CA. but it was my dream to get into IIM or CA since I was in 12th std. so I joined a school as fee clerk at Rs. 3500/- p.m. after struggling for 2 months. That time I faced the real life and understood how tough it to earn money is. I saved for CPT registration and enrolled for the same and cleared in June 2011 in first attempt meanwhile I got a good job at Rs. 10,000/- p.m. in a NBFC. Now I’ve no financial problem. My dream was to trade in stock market so I started that too from my first salary, while remaining in job I cleared 1st group of IPCC in May 2012 in 1st attempt. Now I was flying high, everything was positive and I got over confident about group 2 and failed by just short of 13 marks in November 2012 attempt. And by the time I’ve saved enough money to continue my studies and article training. So finally the time came to resign from the job in February 2013. My decision to enter into this profession was fully of my own choice. In April, 2013 started article training. Now I was not getting enough time for studies for May, 2013 attempt, again failed but this time by short of 40 marks. I started preparations once again and this time I managed to clear 2nd group with exemption in Accounts in November 2013 attempt. I cleared all exams without any coaching.

My decision was well thought and I want to become CA because it’s my own choice. That’s why I never blamed institute for bad results I accepted it when I failed. I don’t think much about future after CA, whatever it will be all right. my final aim is to get into IIM and I belive one day I'll be there.

I want to conclude that take your decisions wisely. Think about each and every aspect of any course. Don’t enter just to fulfill your parents’ dream. Just follow three rules:

• Do what you love…and if can’t then…love what you do.

• Don’t take life too seriously, it’ll be easy

• Believe in yourself and be happy

Thank you for reading,

All the best for your future :) 


Published by

CA Manoj Kumar
(Chartered Accountant)
Category Students   Report

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