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The spirit of competition is instilled within us since our childhood by the society. I don’t think anybody is alien to the inevitable comparison of marks at the time of results. Friends, relative’s, neighbours, literally anybody who is nearly of the same age and are remotely related are pitted against each other like some coming of age tribal ritual where the young must prove their worth in the society.

However, not only is such a competitive spirit a part of basic human nature but also arguably brings out the best in a person. In some cases, like athletics, it’s necessary and a strong driving factor. Another instance where competition plays a big role in our country is competitive examinations, where a vast number of candidates battle it out for a comparatively small number of seats and the overall performance of the candidates affects an individual’s chances of success. In such situations a strong sense of
competition is quite necessary for success.

However, I fail to understand the same when students bring the same sense of competition in CA exams. In a course where there is neither a limited number of seats nor a set pass percentage, but the candidates are evaluated on a basis of a pre- determined level of marks in their exam. It’s surprising, at times even amusing when a student’s express remorse or relief upon the results of their peers.

In a format where the performance of your peers does not directly affect your own results, isn’t it advisable to pool the existing available knowledge for a better preparation? Students will find that an open discussion and flow of information amongst their peers can be valuable not only for the upcoming exams but in the long run as well.

In a profession like CA or law it is common knowledge that your networks will take you a long way ahead, much more than your marks. People in the community play a key role in the individual success or failure in the career of a person. Thus, building a collective pool of knowledge and community is something all students should ponder upon rather than comparison of marks which in the long run seems petty.


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