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Hey guys!

Just cleared CA and got your entire life figured out? 

Yay, great! You guys are among the elite few who got it all sorted, while the rest of us, sketching our life on a canvas and imagining how it be would in the years to come. 

Are too many options for someone else, too few for you, 'cause your priorities and goals in life are different?

Want to have your own startup? Afterall, it's what's buzzing in the B-town - Bengaluru.

Fancy startup parties, fund-raising events, blogs about your startup, crazy pitches and drinks, and a satisfied life after that? Isn't this what we get to see all around us? A great farce created for something that all of us crave?

"You can lead your own life, don't have to listen to your boss.", "You don't have to work a single day if you love what you do" and all that gyaan?

Maybe it's true, maybe it's just glamour, maybe it's all just a farce, but at the end of the day is it worth it? Is it worth your life's accomplishment - CA being kept aside and you go on to achieve on your own in this world that is ready to receive anything that you throw at it? 'Cause afterall there are only a million ideas and none too small for a CA to achieve? We know this stuff, we know in and out about starting a company, running a company. and even shutting it down. 

How much of an edge do we have in this world of IITians, MBAs usually with a tech background in starting a company and running it?
Internal controls at a company to valuation for raising funds for a company - We know it all and we are the ones these techies come to at the end of the day.

Don't you think the real reason that we need to run behind a startup is because we as CAs can run it the best and not because of the glamour?

Why be CFOs, when we can be CEOs? Why just restrict ourselves to finance when our lives have revolved around ensuring that a company has got stuff in place to run it smoothly? Albeit, focus is on finance, but we know the businesses and how to make them work. 

Do you think the real motivation for a CA to startup is because he can do it better than the rest? I think, yes!

And all you new CAs out there can too. 

It's hard, trust me. Been at it for a year since qualification, but is it worth it?

Hell yes!


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