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This is 99.9% true. The Greatest Cricketer Sachin Tendulkar can not become a Chartered Accountant and even if, by luck (0.1%), he becomes one, he will not become a good CA. Do you know why?

Because his forte is Cricket and he can show his potential in that field.


But what is the use of knowing all this?

It is. It definitely is of use to everyone who is reading this because you will discover what you have to do in life, even if you have a degree or not.


What is purpose of this article?

Just like Sachin Tendulkar can not become a CA or a CMA or a CS, in the same way you can’t become something you are not good at. Simply speaking – Do what you are good at/in.

If you are pursuing CA and you feel that you are good in costing, then become the best in that field, even if you don’t become a CA.

If you feel Tax (Direct or Indirect) is your thing, then become the best in it, even better than a qualified CA.

Your being best in a particular field will take you places.


What to do?

Sachin Tendulkar is the best in batting and has mastered it, while he is jack in other traits like bowling and fielding.

You also have to concentrate and find out your forte and master it, while becoming jack of other traits like audit, law, computers, accounts, etc.

It does not have to be the same field. It could be writing, music, photo editing, painting, gym trainer, etc. Just have faith in yourself and keep working on it whole heartedly.

Become the master of one thing and defeat all hurdles coming your way.


What is the one major factor to success?


Remember Sachin doesn’t score in all innings he plays, but he is God of Cricket because of consistency. Try and adopt consistency in one field and master it.


What if you fail and are not able to master one field?

If some day you feel that you are not good at something, just look up and thank almighty for everything you have. Tell yourself that this much has been achieved because of your true efforts and something which is not being achieved needs more efforts. Take a small break and continue again to become even better and keep cool.

The main aim of this article has been told in the second answer but here I will repeat again and that is – Become the master in one field and become a jack of other fields.


Gaurav Dang

(Future) Motivator and Relationship Consultant

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