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Where does all our time go?

Member (Account Deleted) Guest , 25 February 2016  

How many of us have best friends these days. Of course the non Facebook friends I mean over here. Not the virtual ones. The ones whom we meet and spend time with. If not more. At least once a week.

How many of us have hobbies these days. Of course by hobby I mean the one we actually pursue. And not the ones we mention in our curriculum-vitaes.

How many of us spend a good 45 minutes a day talking to our families. Yes apart from the texting and cross-room chatting that we practice. Talk as in one to one I mean.

How many of us take a half an hour walk these days. Most of us don’t.

How many of us remember cleaning the clutter once a month at least.

How many of us remember attending a family function more frequently than we visit theatres. How many of us remember having attended a small get-together even.

When last have we had a talk with our school teachers. Or visited an orphanage or a temple for that sake. We will have to check our galleries. To see if we have those memories recorded in our pictures. Of course on the lighter note. It sounds funny.

But when we go to the core of it. Where is all our time spent? Where does all our time go. I have always had those feelings after wasting my day. That oh! Another day wasted. Should have done something ‘New’. But then that thing was always there until I started taking an effort to change the same. It's was a chain.

Time waste. Realization. Full night's sleep. Morning. Time waste. Realization. Ain't sure if this has happened with others as well.

A study says that an average person spends 90 minutes a day on his phone. Again I am not that certain if we really fall in that average category. But assuming us to be in that range. We spend 23 days a year on our phones. Just imagine 23 days.

Then as we know that roughly we spend a minimum of 2 hours a day in travelling. 8 hours of sleep. 8 hours at office. 2 hours of daily chores [this includes personal grooming etc]. 1 hour for television. These calculations can be adjusted a bit here and there based on the actuals.

Still we have 1.5 hours a day left for something which is not routine. Something to put it right. Innovative. New. Relaxing. Soothing. Something new for us at least. If not for others.

Considering these 1.5 hours that each one of us have had each day. In the past 5 years. If not going too far. We have had 2,738 approximate hours at our hand. To do something New and Unusual. It will put us all to deep realization mode. If we start calculating more.

We all know the value of time during grave situations of Life. May be during an examination. Before an interview. Catching a non-frequent bus/train. Reaching on time to the hospital during an emergency and similar situations.

So when we can very well understand the value of time during these situations. Why not understand the value of time in our day-to-day life when everything appears to be normal and in order. We all have heard this maxim called ‘Time is Money’ from our early childhood. But the fact remains that even money can’t buy time. Nothing can buy time. Even the richest of rich can never buy time. Time once lost is lost forever. All that you once lost will come back to you at some point in life in some or the other form. But Time.   

So what’s the Moral.

Moral is, Time with us is limited. And that once lost is lost forever. There is always this chance with us to live life to the fullest. To cherish each moment. To live for real rather than just act monotonous like robotic machines that do all the things in one standardized manner on the press of a button.

There is always this chance. This scope. To take few minutes or hours. If not for others. But for ourselves. May be just doing what we love the most. Pursuing a hobby. Trying new things that we had always wished to do. Being innovative. Living dynamic. And most importantly. To analyze where does all our time go and manage the same wisely. Every minute should count. Every minute should be lived to the fullest. Because time with us is limited. And if each one of us will manage his/her time efficiently. Things for sure will change for the good.


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