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Friends. You all worked really hard for the exams and I hope you have given your best shot in the exams. Now, it's the time to think. What's next? The first thing I would say is Relax for approximately 10 days. The best cure for the body is a quiet mind.

You deserve this short leave:

1) Take proper sleep because sleep deprivation occurs during the exams.

2) Don't think about your result. You have performed well and now it's over.

3) Spend some quality time with your family and friends and have fun. You may plan a party or a trip.

4) Indulge in some interesting activity that you like.

5) Eat your favourite food and chocolates. Chocolate is itself a stress reliever.

6) Listen music as it makes you feel good and dance, if you enjoy dancing.

7) The most important point: Don't keep on discussing about your papers with everyone for these 10 days. The basic motive of all these points is to feel free: Free from the stress that you faced these days. This is really important for your mental and physical health. This small break will boost your energy and you will be able to plan your further studies in a better way.

So, distance yourself from any kind of tension or stress and refresh your mind.

The second thing to do after this break is:

1) In case you appeared for single group in this attempt and you will be appearing for the other in the next attempt. Make a study plan for the other group and start studying.

2) In case you appeared for the only group you are left with. Analyze if you lacked somewhere. I know that the CA results are unpredictable and you can't feel sure about your result, but you can analyze your performance. So, if you think that a particular topic needs to be studied again for better clarity, study it again. It will only boost your knowledge whatever the result may be.

3) In case you feel that you will definitely pass. Even then, you can study any topic of your interest from your books or update yourself, as amendments are part of our studies. Not only the students, qualified professionals are also required to update themselves.

But, there's no need to feel negative about anything. You can't control everything that happens to you. Trust yourself and have faith in God's plans. Even if your performance was not well in any particular subject, give yourself another chance. Start studying from now onwards. If you pass, that's good and if you don't pass, that's not bad too. Be prepared for any condition. Stay confident and plan everything in the best possible manner.


The author can also be reached at saba.naaz9@rediffmail.com


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CA Saba Naaz
(Chartered Accountant)
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