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"Don't waste time or someday it'll waste you" We always got to hear Quotes like these. And If you just ended your long and stressful journey of CA Intermediate you may have ended up understanding these even better. It's Time that your exam just ended and you are 'free' now. If it's your first attempt you must have realized that post-exam time is not as cool as it looks the reason behind the same is we have gone through a long journey of being busy and it ended so we need time to learn "how to be Happily free" The article will be separated into three sections (find out as follows) :

1. What not to do (obvious ones)

A. Overuse of social media: Reason = > No productivity > you will end up been Addictive > only make your mood worse > and personality more "show-off type"

B. Over Engagement in Games (ex. PubG, CoC, Call of duty etc.) Reason= > Heavily Addictive > Makes people more aggressive.

2. What to do(obvious ones)

A. Enroll for IT/OC R= >THE MOST OBVIOUS ONE (you must have known the reason)

B. Courses like English spoken

C. Start reading business news (prefer Newspaper instead of Mobile)

D. Get knowledge about Articleship (The Companies, procedure, etc.) R.= >It's the era of competition (Understand)

3. What you can do (not the obvious ones)

A. Try Making some money R. = > you'll get to know it's value >you will become more determinant to your goal {I know it's hard but at least give it your best shot}

B. Follow your passion (ex. If you like singing try record your voice, take classes, etc.)

C. Knowledge of final-which teacher and why R.= > you will find it Interesting >It's very important, today or tomorrow you must go for it.

D. Discipline your life (if you can be disciplined when you are free It'll be easier to follow this in a hectic schedule *wake up early *Eat healthily *exercise *Meditate

E. watch documentaries R > far better than non-sense TV shows> knowledgeable

F. Start writing R > your thoughts will become more clear


If you have any other Idea do let me know I will add these too. Thank you for reading. :-)


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Aditya Tulsyan
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