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What not to do during CA Final Preparation!

CA Sapna Ghelani 
on 10 February 2021


As we all know that a lot of preparation is required to clear CA Final exams, there are some do's and don'ts we should take care of while preparing for exams.

Usually, every candidate knows what should they do but there are some important points to be taken care of focusing on What Not To Do while preparing for CA Final Exams -

DON'TS while preparing for CA Final Exams

Don't leave your classes incomplete

If you have joined a class for any subject, you should complete it irrespective of the length of the class. Make proper notes and keep conceptual clarity over topics especially in practical subjects.

What not to do during CA Final Preparation

Don't underestimate the concept of planning

It is important to understand that CA Final requires minute planning. Plan every topic of each subject like which topic should contain the highest weightage, which topic will consume more or less time, etc. You should have planned all these things. It will help you at the last moment also.

Don't avoid the practice of writing answers or solving answers

Students should understand that practising writing or solving will help them a lot during final exam writing. It will help them complete the paper on time as well.


Don't forget to do enough revisions

Majority of students who fail is due to lack of revisions. The most important part of the whole study process is revision. Make a proper plan and revise as much as possible. These days revision lectures are also available of many faculties. You can use them and save a lot of time.

Don't panic

Even if you feel you are lacking behind or you are unable to complete the course just stay calm and try to be positive. Study with a positive attitude and do not be stressed. At the end, you will realise that it was all about a mental game.


Don't Quit

Last but the most important - Never Quit. If you really want the Prefix in front of your name, you are going to get it. Maybe earlier or maybe late. But you will surely get it. Just never leave hope, struggle for the title and you will achieve the result. All the efforts will be worth it when you will see “pass” on your marksheet. Therefore, Never Quit.

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