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Dear friends, I write this article not just to post simply something for the sake of making a contribution to the site. But I want to ensure that any person who gets to reads this should from at least then, feel and respect his/her profession. Every child in the mother earth is born for an aim. We have to understand this concept and work to fulfill our aim.

I have seen many of my friends after having taken up a professional course, they leave out of it just because they couldnt get through in the first or second attempt. This is not what is expected of a student of a professional course. Friends, please try to understand, the term professional is not just a name sake. It means, to acquire expert knowledge in the area of our practice. Further accounts is an area which demands high level of expertise. Due to this sole reason anybody can easily presume that being a chartered accountant is not a childs play. All that a student needs to pursue this course is hard work and above that, determination and will power. We must solely do 2 things perfectly. Practice well at out training period and study well and write well for the exams. This is all what is expected of us.

Do not get discouraged by thinking that you have taken a wrong decision by choosing to enter this course. Carry throughout, the same the determination that made you choose this profession. Actually, this is the wisest decision you have taken in your life. There is no other course that has so much of prestige and power. C A is certainly achievable and it is so only if we try with the maximum of our efforts. A wise man had once said, before you enter into or venture into anything think a hundred times about it no matter who ever teases you. But once you have entered it or ventured into it, do not think even once that you should not have taken this decision. If you think like that, gone is your future and gone are your expectations. Always think positively.

I can provide you a small outline of how any average student can move about with his studies in a professional course like C.A.

The most important subjects in CA are accounts costing and tax. These three are the goliaths at the exam hall. Never get frustrated upon seeing a question because, only as you start doing the question, you will get the continuation. The institute materials are the best reference materials available so far. For any problem papers, refer the different adjustments as have been given in the institute material. I bet, most of these are asked in the exams also. We can easily write them. For theory papers like law, auditing etc refer the case studies very well. For final level, memorizing the names of the case studies would also help but it is not necessary for intermediate level. These case studies are asked in the exams as practical questions. If we have clearly understood and memorized the cases involved, we can easily give answers to those kinds of questions also. As regards accounting standards, it is not much necessary that you read the standards a hundred times. Cause the exam paper is not going to ask you to illustrate the accounting standards as it is. Instead they give a practical question and ask us to check whether any accounting standard is applicable in that question and if any then to illustrate the same and solve the current question. Therefore refer many questions involving accounting standards applicability. This will surely help. Standards on auditing is another area similar to accounting standards. Just like what I have mentioned in accounting standards, we need not mug all the standards on auditing by itself just like that. Because SA is mostly asked through practical questions just like accounting standards are. However I have also seen certain exam papers where they have asked to illustrate the SA just like that. Even then if you know the substance of the SA it is very easy. Be very careful while writing theory papers because marks are not so easily showered upon it unlike in accounts or tax where if u have perfectly done a question, youll be given full marks. Thus theory subjects are easy to study but difficult to get marks. Thats the trend of theory papers. The las and the final most point I have to tell you is while you are taking your practical training as termed by the institute as articleship, very careful move through. Because this is the first stage where you get introduced to accounts of a corporate. It is at this period when we learn, what is corporate financial reporting and similar terms. Concentrate on the work allotted to you and main thing, make your hands move perfectly with Microsoft excel and word. That is one area which is most demanding of all, once you pass out the final exams and enter into your profession.

Thanks to you, readers for having spent such a very precious part of your time to read this article. As I hjave already mentioned at the beginning I want the readers to have realized the power, prestige and respect that our profession demands.

After all, we are not just human beings, We are CA Students.

The future is ours and we have to achieve it.

I have very recently started a community in Its name is Team CA Certainly Achievable

Thank You.

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Anish Lakshman S
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