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Everyone wants to be ‘Successful’ in life. Okay, question here – Is there anyone who doesn’t want to be successful? Answer to the question – Are you crazy to ask this question? Who on earth doesn’t want to be successful?

Certainly, everyone wants Success in life! We all have our own set of goals (some know it, some know it not) in life. Long term goals and short term goals. Then there is vision and mission.

Talking about Success. What is Success?
Fame? Money? Luxuries? Possessions? Big name? Being recognized? Or what? What is it?

Success is a ‘subjective’ term. What is success for one may or may not be so for the other.

If you go by the dictionary meaning of Success – It is a noun which means the accomplishment of an aim or purpose.

But when you understand it in its true sense and spirit – Success means satisfaction craving for more.

Now you may ask –how satisfaction can ask for more because satisfaction simply means being content. There is no asking more in it.

We will catch this question a little later.

Let us now imagine ourselves carrying out this exercise first

  1. Take two sets of people who are not known to each other
  2. Ask them the names of successful people
  3. To make it a bit simple, ask them the names of people who are successful in a particular field/industry/sports
  4. There are very high chances of two different sets of people quoting same/similar name(s)
  5. Why? Why so?
  6. Coincidence or what else?
  7. Success is a subjective term, we know and what is success for one may not be so for the other
  8. Then?

It is this one quality of successful people which is same in all. A  similar trait which successful people have in them which makes two different sets of people call out for same/similar name (s) because those (successful) people have it in them ‘satisfaction craving for more’.

This is where ‘Doing Different Things or Doing Things Differently’ comes from. This is where travelling an ‘Extra Mile’ helps. So how we may so ask again!

What do successful people do differently than other people?
Is there a ‘Secret Success Mantra’?
Even if there is one I am yet to know about it!

Successful people don’t do different things. They do things differently. They travel that extra mile. And their satisfaction always craves for more

Everyone wants success in life but how many are willing to go that extra mile and do that extra and do it differently is what distinguishes the successful from the ordinary.

In this write-up we will touch upon the basic requisites of being Successful in Life – and bear you in mind, if you can just do things differently and are willing to travel that extra mile, Success is no farther!

1. Have a Goal – Because when you don’t know where you want to go in Life. Just going on and on will take you nowhere. So have a Goal. A man without a Goal is like a ‘Ship without a Rudder’.

2. Have a Plan to reach that Goal – There are various means of achieving a certain goal. You need to set the path you wish to pass through to achieve your goal. This is important because when you know or at least have a plan, it acts like a guide, guiding you through various actions that you should take. Having a plan handy always saves time and you can avoid the potential mistakes.

3. Have an alternative – You never know what may happen. No one knows. It’s always advisable to have an alternative. Reason being, there is no harm in taking an alternate plan if ultimately you are to reach your goal. Having an alternative plan comes in handy when your base plan doesn’t work out the way you want it to. This is known as having a ‘Backup plan’. This is strategizing in advance. This is where travelling an extra mile shows.

4. Time bound – Your goal should be time bound. You should know what you want, how you will go about it, what is the alternative if first one doesn’t work out and most importantly what is the time limit you have set for yourself to achieve that goal. So this is like the first mountain climbed.

5. Don’t leave for tomorrow what you can do today– There isn’t any good in letting things go on and on when you can do them today. Of course in case of contingencies you can excuse yourself. But if you are time bound, greater are your chances of achieving the set target.

6.  Slow and steady wins the race – We all know the ‘Hare and the Tortoise’ story with the moral ‘Slow and steady wins the race’. So even if you can’t do too much, do as much as you can. But, on a regular basis. Make it a habit to contribute something to achieving your set goal each passing day.

7.  Write – There is nothing better than writing it out. When you write things, they stay with you for longer periods and you know exactly where you are lacking and your current status. So always write down: 1. what you were to do 2. what you did 3. what were the deviations 4. were they reasonable 5. reasons for the same 6. ways to cope up and similar things. Also when you write down, you tend to notice what you could have otherwise missed. Thus, write, write and write. Nothing beats writing. This is that extra mile.

8.  Posters – Keep posters depicting your goals, wherever possible, be it your wardrobe, bed room wall, your daily diary or any other place that you get to see often. So your goal or plan doesn’t disappear in due course. It should be there right in front so it keeps you motivated and you are as set as always to achieve your target. How many people do this? Not many! Because, this is a bridge between the ordinary and the successful. Make sure you cross it across.

9. Give yourself brownie points– We all blame ourselves when we do wrong. But how often do we encourage or praise ourselves when we do well? Very Few right. So do that from now on. This will keep you positive and motivated. Clap for yourself when you think you did a good job. Say it in your head that you did a good job. This will attract positivity and you will feel motivated to carry it forward.

Keep these simple tips in mind and be always willing to do things differently and travel that extra mile. Because if you do so, Success is no impossible–

  • Believe in yourself
  • Keep the hard work on. It sure will pay off
  • Always love what you do
  • Be positive
  • Answer the question yourself- Does your satisfaction crave for more? If yes, Right Track It Is!
  • Work for betterment always and bear well in mind that – if you want to be Successful, you will sure have to travel that extra mile!

The author is a Company Secretary and has great interest in writing and she can also be reached at


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