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Wake up again!


Hi my Dear CA Colleagues,

This is my first article on CAclubindia & hopefully not the last one.

My Article is for all CA Students but very specifically for those who have not yet passed their exams after giving 2-3 or 4 attempts. I want to share my experience that how I have passed my PCC exams.

Hopefully this article will help in providing at least some assistance to CA students (irrespective of the fact whether they are pursuing CPT or PCC/IPCC or FINAL exams) during their journey on this Fantastic & Eminent Course.

I am not a bright student but a student who is just good than an average student. My Family Background is not academic, all are business persons. Since I have a Joint family therefore there were plenty of noises & disturbance at my home. I have taken 4 attempts to pass my PCC exams (including the Fist one in which I did not give the exam due to my ill health)

MY FIRST ATTEMPT: - Not given due to ill health.



I appeared in my second group of PCC & I got the following marks :-

Cost & FM - 59

Taxation -    38

IT & SM -     46

Total 143 marks & the most irritating part was my Cost & FM paper in which I did not get the EXEMPTION.

Since I have already been told U that I have a joint family so in order to do proper study I had taken a room on rent for 30 days.

But all was in vain.



I appeared in my BOTH group of PCC & I got the following marks :-

A/cs - 59

Auditing - 37

Law -   49

Cost & FM - 23

Taxation -    42

IT & SM -     43

I was surprised in my marks Especially in IInd group. I was confirmed that if I will fail in IInd group it would not be a bad total as I got i.e. total of 108 only in my IInd group.

The most surprising was the Cost & FM paper in which I got 23 only whereas in my previous attempt I got 59 in same.

Now please come on my IST group I was very sure to pass the same but I got a total of 145. Again the most irritating part was A/cs in which I got 59. I was sure to pass my IST group & I know that Auditing is not a scoring paper but in spite of this I was very sure to get not less than 45 in Audit.

This time I had taken room on rent for 60 days but still failed. The interesting thing is that when I told to my family that at home I am unable to do my studies. They told me Tumhe Padna likhana to hai nai bus tum yaha room Lena hai waha room lena hai yahi karo padh ne wale sab jagah padh lete hai.


Again all was in Vain.



I appeared in my BOTH group of PCC & I got the following marks:-

A/cs - 49

Auditing - 48

Law -   40

Total - 137

Cost & FM - 56

Taxation -    69

IT & SM -     54

Total 179

Grand total - 316


I want to tell U that this time I was sure abt my results but still not dam sure because unless you get the mark sheet of INSTITUTE in your hand U can not predict.

On 08-02-11 the result came & I remembered that since morning till the result came I was enjoying the song HUD hud babang-4.Both playing & also singing. I thanked to God as well as my Gurudev for the same & no doubt blessings of my Parents Specially.

This time again I had taken room on rent for 40 days & this time there was the result of all the previous attempts & hard work done.

One Most significant thing which I wanna tell YOU that I realized at the end that the labour did by me in my IInd & IIIrd attempt  were not in vain & they helped me somewhere during my this journey to pass the exam.

So my dear friends the effort which we do helps us somewhere & the other significant thing was that at every subsequent attempt I did more that what I did in my previous attempt. This specially helped me a lot.

So my dear friends do not lose the hope & wake up again! & do again. Only You & you have the power to do. You can do all which YOU wanna do & Ultimately YOU can show the world that who are YOU?

Lots of thanks for reading,

I hope that This Article will help YOU somewhere.

Again lot of Thanks.

Any types of comment are most welcomed.


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Ankit Vaishya
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