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Dear students,

So! Eagerly waiting for the results? Well said ALL is well, I say All will be well. Your job is to work hard and you have done it. Result is not in your hands so why to waste time on that analysis. So what are you doing now? Being at leisure, enjoying, chitchatting. It’s ok. It is not wrong to do that . But it is very important not to go off track. So here are few things you can add to your schedule.

1. Daily reading: The day you join CA course you should know that you have to read and read. Even after qualifying the learning and reading goes on.  Reading is a beautiful habit which can be developed over the time. Spare time to read latest updates, case laws, Students journal, websites of MCA, income tax, post office etc.

2. Be a lifetime student: Before exam we may not get time to learn few topics in detail. Link syllabus topics and practical part. For example how reconstruction or amalgamation scheme are actually framed, what are actual rules for ESOP etc.

3. Q for Quest: Learn new terms forensic audit, corporate governance etc. new abbreviations IPO, CSR etc. from Google. Keep up the knowledge quest.

4. Knowledge is not restricted to classrooms and books:  Learn bank work, help your parents in office work, do some assignment work with a CA, ICWA without worrying for pay. This practical knowledge will take you to great heights.

5. Me time: Learn some new language, music, Public speaking skills, sports, yoga , pranayam, swimming. If you do extra activity you will bounce back refreshed for your studies.

6. Uplift yourself all the way: Join some adventure clubs, social work clubs.  Social work? to be done at retirement,  a myth. Do whatever best you can at your level. Green India, Swachh Bharat, Visit to old age home. Just do it and see how happy and uplifted you feel after that.

7. Develop leadership: Pull your peer group friends. Visit places nearby city. Motivate others and you will shine out automatically. Be ready to take the first leading step always.

8. Start small earning: Dhirubhai Ambani started from 10 foot by 10 office and now Reliance industries is a blue chip company. So is the story of many others. Take tuitions for inter students accounts, maths,  languages. Teach craft, cooking whatever you know well. There is no harm in doing any small job.

9. Complete group 2 preparation: If you have written 1 group start preparation for the other group immediately without waiting for results. As soon as result is out you will join articleship. 1% chance suppose you don’t clear group 1 then you have to revise group 1 again, grp 2 is done and you can write both groups in next attempt. With study material revise RTP, practice manual past exams papers.

10. Seminars workshops: Attend all seminars organized by Institute to update yourself. Take part in competitions. Present a paper, if not at least work in stage committee or any other committee. Just observe where you stand in a gathering of 500 – 1000 students. This knowledge and experience we can’t give you in class room.

11. Communication skills: Communication does mean everyone is going to speak on stage but just to talk confidently and effectively with people around us also we need good communication skills. So learn it. If you have already attended orientation or any such programme take out the notes and keep revising it.

12. Do 100%:  Whatever you are doing coaching, orientation, ITT, reading, learning do it 100% and not for the sake of just completing.

13. Where to stop: There is nothing wrong in using social medias like whats up, Face book. But you need to train your mind where to stop. When you are studying, learning leave the phone in other room or switch off WIFI. I feel no need to put data pack if you don’t need internet all the time.

14. Time management: Such a big list I have given you to do and you must be wondering time kaha hai? Enough of time management you have tried earlier now just for some days or a weak maintain a journal as to where your time is going and see how effectively you can manage same 24 hours.

15. Self assessment: However fast you may be moving, but it is really necessary to take a pause and assess yourself. Reflect inside.  Just ask your self - there may be thousands of students qualifying the exam this attempt with me, than what is the special quality in me that the interviewer should select me. Think… and you will get the answer what is to be developed

Don’t waste a single moment. Be clearheaded, focused, committed. Either you magnify your skills or modify your dreams it’s in your hand. These points are just my experiences which I wanted to share with all students. Hope it will add some shine to the Super stars of tomorrow.  Wishing you all good luck. May the best come to you always. Give your feedback to help me write more.

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