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The year 2010 has gone with many great changes, developments and many dropouts, backlogs, scams, unfulfilled aims.


The Good:


Kudos to the Indian Government for many new initiations like ID Card; New Rupee Symbol; New Income Tax Code; Goods & Service Tax (GST); Roads and infrastructure developments, Inter-National business communications, securing UN seat, showing mirror to Pakistan, and  and many more.


Indian bankers was the best during the slow down, Growth reported in Indian business houses was also too good than the other economies, Indian Film Industry has done a lot, Para military forces was also much alert. No major terror reported. Yoga is now more unknown to world, even its a fashion now, because of INDIA, or we can say Baba Ramdeo.


No doubt that all the above mentioned initiations of the Indian Government will lead India to reach at an admirable level in the world economy and power; it will also lead to proud feelings for Indian population.



The Bad:


BUT there are lots of questions in this regard. I have thought many times about those and finally keying those for your conclusions:


  1. Is any of the above government initiation will help to poor population of the India, called Aam Aadmi ] ?
  2. Is government capable to save the lives of their citizens?
  3. Will ID cards able to identify Indian Citizen ?
  4. What is meaning of so many numbers like, PAN; TAN; DIN; DL No.; Passport No.; ST No.; VAT no.; CST No.; more numbers under plans??
  5. Is the new tax code and other new law codes are really new? If yes, are they helpful to public too?
  6. Too much hyped Symbol of rupee, is really symbol of rupee at present? What will be the benefit to General Public of India? Dont forget more than 70% live in villages.
  7. Is Infrastructure really developing in India?

Think about Khel Gaon, they were not able to make in 5 years but made it in 15 days!! So its clear that our government has resources but dont have vision so not able to take timely action, not utilizing resources properly and not able to handle officers properly. Else, India can make a new America in one year.


The way:

There are lots of questions, you also have many. And we all know, there is no meaning to talk about; government will not listen to us.  Government is not a one man body, we need to change the whole system. India need only two things to grow faster than other countries, those are education and agriculture apart from visionary politicians.


So you can think, our professional portal has one pillar of making India, we can help developing India. How?


The answer is not directly related to the problem. We all are concern with public problems, we all love to give guidance, we all distribute free advices, wishes to anybody on any occasion, and then we forget them! So it means that whatever we do is without Vision and without Love. We do because we need to do, not because we love to do.


Yeah, Love whatever you do, love to help, love to study, love to learn.


The other one is Vision, it is the perceptual experience of seeing. In short, to smell the mistakes. Normally our mind thinks garbage. We have idea, we have ambition, we have dreams, we have all resources to reach our aim but all fails due to no vision. And therefore, we fail. You can be a visionary person. How?


Let me explain If you are a student, you study hard, your aim is to become CA, your ambition is to have lot of money but you dont have vision to walk the path of goal.


Watch the other success stories; read articles; read CA Journal; listen to mom and dad; listen to your principal CA; less talking-more learning will lead to make your mind a visionary.


You need to make small milestones to reach the main destination. At every milestone, look behind and check if you could have been done better. Was there a better way? If yes, you need still vision. This assessment will also widen your mind to make you a visionary man in future.


Likewise for persons in practice and industry, should also do the same thing as above, read more, learn more [Making Vision] plus one more thing do more [Taking Action]. To make vision, we should learn from mistakes of fellows. But even if you had a failure, even for a small failure, check what was the better way to avoid the loss?


We can make a visionary mind by reading visionary articles and books also.


The Endnote:


I appeal to all visionaries to delineate their success stories so that we all can learn from them.

This way, we will be more than 500000 visionary minds in India, who thinks different, who do different! Can we make a new India!!!

Wish you a very successful and happy life


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CA. Dashrath Maheshwari
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