GST Certification Course

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            CHAPTER 1 Basic approach of  CA student and its Results(Good for the beginners)
First problems with most of the CA student is  a change over problem.....
If any student coming out from Graduation and enteres in to CA, they requires some time to settle in to their fled....Some problems were how to study..........which book to follow...........Etc.....Up to that time almost  of great time will be over ........
If new student wenitng to coaching also also  just limited to the coaching version and they were  just like a spoon feed baby...........
The candidate undergoing articleship may not find sufficient time to study their Portion is also other threat.........They hardly get a lesser number of leave and no time to undergo the study..............
Repeated failures would result to destruction of our conifident..................
How to overcome...............
1.Mental preparation
Please be understand the course is itself is tough in nature so the  freshers be mentaly be raised to the level of CA course....You should never be limit to your coaching classes or it is a tough  but achievvable target for you........In short please raise according to your opportunity................
2.Self anaysis
It consist of evaluating yourself your strength and weakness in studies.... Some were very hard working than others, some otheres were strength in theory but some others were good command on the problems.....some were averages......
3.Pay more attention on weaker subject...
After self analsysi pay more time effort  to weaker subject......Go consulting your doubt .... Go for the best coaching.........
4.Proper planing
It consist of systematic and logical alocation  for your studies. Do pay more  careful for your planning.......Divide the subject in smallest manageable part and go ahead.....
5. Dedicate to studies
This is very critical.... study to be efferent if you devote your  soul and body exclusively to CA... forget other occupations.....
Find at least 6to 8 productive study hours for articled student including their coaching and 12 to 15 hours for non article student......You may  be gradually in the track........
6.Periodic revisions
Evaluate periodically that where you stand inters of studies and improvement you have achieve...............How to improve..... If you commit more corrections then more you will improve..............Commit mistake .......correct and improve................
7.Kep away from negatives
8.write exam according to your strength and weakness....
Start all subject in  first phase.......But before six month if you feel command on any one group then give more focus on that and less focus on other....
9.Keeping good notes.....
This is very critical.... For theory papers..... It adds your creativity also..............
10.Three round studies before exam.......
You have to cover three round  of studies before exam........
11.confidence in writing.....
Take  the exam as battle ... if you attack the exam with whatever you know you will succeed. If you not know also  but attempting also you can succeed.
Lack of confidence  and over confidence is too dangerous......But their is only needed the self confidence............
Following a wrong method of studied and sticking with the same method is a great Disaster.........
Chapter 2   Good Plan is the foundation of success
There are various reasons for failure to CA course. First reason may be underestimation or over estimation of the course. Not working well for the course.
If you think that CA course is very difficult one and clearing the same also difficult, then you may be found very difficult to clear. It is called the over estimation. If you think that the course is easy it is called over estimation. In both of the cases productivity of the staff may be affected.
Solution. Estimate the course right way. The course may be competitive but it is achievable.
Study method
 Method of study has a critical role for clearing CA. firstly we are not devoting our 100% attention when we solve the problems or studying theory.  So concentration is the first key thing. There are many things which may affect the concentration. Interruption by family members, sound produced by the T V, Etc.
Problem with weaker subject.
If you find difficulties with the problem papers or any theory papers found boring or difficult, it will take your good productive hours. Correction of the weaker subject should have to be done. Most students were found difficult in getting the mark in such subject.
What is effective method?
First you should understood the syllabi and also know which area is more relevant and which is not, where to give more focus, You can get all such information’s from scanners and suggested answers. Do focus with syllabi.
Buy 6 note books for each of your subject. The most effective method of study is writing. . In case of theory first you should read with full focus and try to understand the things then try to write note. Note writing is to be done carefully containing the main things. You have your own way to make the notes, but the effective notes shall be point wise and each point may have heading and sub heading and logical manner. If you carefully prepared it will be your asset at the time of second round studies and the day before your exam. If the input given in the notes are inferior then it can generate the inferior out put so is careful regarding the notes.
For accounts and costing the concepts play a major role try to understand the concepts at the grass root level
Buy the best and good books available in the market and keep your materials as reference book.Dont get back of any shortcut notes, if you go search of such notes one thing is sure it is spoiling your creativity.
Carrying the bulky tasks.
In some cases, I have found that students just have 10 month or 12 month for the Exam, (we can tell MAY2010) and just started their studies. Even not know the subject well and studying the both groups.  They are in hurry to write the both group and clear at their earliest. But these hurry people are the major victims for the accident.
What is happened that most of them fail both groups in aggregates? There are no difficulties in Achieving the minimum 40 mark but the thin margin of 10 marks is the suicide point.  Studying both groups is not a mistake, it is not discouraging
 Plan for write both groups
So if you want to write both groups then if you have 12 month period you can get an average of 2 month per subject. Plan well, it is the major thing.  Take 5 month for group one and another 5 month for group two, the leave 2 month for revision. If you feel both groups are okay then go ahead, if you found difficulties with any papers don’t waste the time further to that during the last months keep focused on single group that you feel more convenient. During the last 2 month you have to cover the syllabi at two times for the exam.
Best plan for failure student.........
The main reason for failures is that they are not giving the required performance for the examiner. First change the strategy. If you fail by writing both group then switchover to single group. If you failing a particular subject it indicates your study method Is inferior. For theory study keeping notes and study by writing. For problems you have to go to grass root level of concepts and give the focus on frequently asked questions.
Try to make your presentation level good, as the first impression is the best impression. How to make the good presentation depends upon the way you understand the concepts and the way you keeping the notes.
So please conscious be courage’s and go ahead for the coming may and the November exam.
 Chapter 3 Cultivate the following Habit
For acheiving CA We require systematic Action.But one thing is sure that God make every one equally, so every one has the chances to Qualify as a CA.Where a student committ wrong?Think? It is surely  ineffective method of utilization of Brain power.
Devote more time than present
First of all, analyse your self , how much time and effort you are puttung in to studies?If you think on your part you can get the answer,very less than that required for the Course.So if you want to  become CA you have to die hard (6 to 8 hours  during Articled and 12 to 15 hours last 2 month before exam)
Idenatify  what is your weakness and correct it in grass root level
First start with your strength and weakness. someone will strong in problems and others were strong in theory, some were equally brilliant in i  both of the theory and problems.
Weaker subject you require to correct first stages of study.By devoting the  more effort to that .
Approaches to advanced accountancy and costing
Accounts requires sound fundamental knowledge and costing require good conceptual skills.  For a CPT student both of the skills needs to be developed, because they are new to this professional course.Developing these require full mind and body attention.If foundation of accounts are weak go back to your plus Two stages and start from grass root level.For costing only the concept will help you, if the concept is not enter rightly in to the brain, then you will never going to clear.every problems have some fundamental can solve the costing problem by doing the same type of Numerous problems, but that is not a right way.Go back to the concept. because the concepts  and problems have cause and effect relationship.How to understand the concept? Eigher your teacher will tell, or buy the books of good and best author and try your own, and try to start solving.Committ mistake first but you never committ the same mistake again.
Approaches to  theory papers
For  theory  papers require some systematic approach. What is it?
If you study by reading  only you can get 20% efficiecy, 80% will be  lost.
So first you can read the theory by applying full mind and understand what it says.(Logic) Then, you will make a good note by absorbing the main content.
Avoid explanatory things, that is for just understanding the main contents.  you should go to the next section or part after thorouging t what you have studied.
Try to recollect what you have studied. If you going this way it would take time , dont bother the time,if you fail also it would take the time.Correct grass root level. But care to be taken  not to study the irrelevant part.Better you should buy the best available book in the market and  use your material as just reference book.Notes shall be from the books.
Outlook of your brain
Your brian setup will  play a great role. Please be noted that you are studying such a difficult course, so be serious  even in your sleep and breath. Think to become CA and give your best  effort. Dont be take the task as simple and light.To raise  by yourself and go ahead. Keep away from negative people, friends, Romance,Etc
The moment you ebntered the CA course , you had taken such a great committment.Think your parents ambition on you.
Fear of failure.
Next dont fear about failure. If you study the way i suggest you  and the method iam already suggested no one can deny your success.Start your work sincerely Now itself. Correct yourselves.
                    Importance of revision
·         Here I am here dealing with the importance revision. 
·         Human memory can be classified as Short term memory and long term memory.
·          If you studying for the first time a lesson it may be stored temporarily in the Short term memory.
·          Information can be stored only shorter period and old information would be got deleted if the new information is stored in. An other type of memory is long term memory and the information can be stored permanently.
·         Revise periodically say once in a week or by weekly (say Sunday)or monthly.
·         Revision enhances the memory power. Human memeory requires frequent repeatation on a particular  object to register it  permanatly
·         If the revision is postponing, the risk of data lost is high.
·          Human mind is interested in the new things rather than what we have studied already. Re looking whatever studied seems to be boredom.
·          But one thing be bare in mind that such boredom definitely leads to wisdom. “Boredom is Wisdom”. In short human memory is wandering for new things than sticking on the older things. 
·         If the information is not stored in Long term memory you can regret the day before exam and never be going to clear any of the exams.
·         If you store the data and information more effectively in Long term memory you can write and present very better in the exam with good precisions.
·          If you studied first time within 2 days the data would be start decrease. Within a week majority of the data you studied in first day would be Gone. So please relook how many days you can hold your data. Not more than 7 days.
·         The most effective method of inputting the data in to human memory is writing.
·          But you need not write whole of the paragraph. Just note down the important area with heading and sub heading. Please find the time of relook the data you have studied in first day and also the day Three. It will defiantly go to the long term memory permanently.
·         Study very carefully and revise frequently and ensure that you can able to reproduce later point of time.
Chapter Last Approach to CA exam
We all knew that the CA exam is itself is competitive.  The exam is a game of 3 hours. The way in which we approaching the exam will lead you the success or failure. You may be studied harder but not able to produce any result. So managing the CA exam is a skill.
·        The day before exam.
·        The day before exam is very critical, do visit to any temple near to you. Be cool and relaxed and sleep well. Proper sleeping will make you to revise unconsciously what you have revised. Arrange your tool kit for the exam.
·        Find time to revise quickly
·        You must find time to revise the portion quickly. So, if you have the habit of making notes it will reduce your tension to revise the lesson. If there is no  notes with you then you have to turn the entire book, It increase your hypertension and poor performance
·         For problem papers, please go to scanner you can get which problem is very important and which problems are less important. You should focus the important problems.
·        The Day of examination.
Please re look in to your tool kit and confirm .Please enter half an hour before exam and sit your seat. Please find the time yourself to settledown.Please write your roll numbers and ready for the exam .When you receiving the question papers just find the time to read    the whole question papers.
·        Confidence in exam is a key
·        But the confidence is the key, If you tense, then you will forget whatever you have studied. “Keep in mind that we will attack” the exam than surrender. Take the exam as a battle between you and the ICAI. So do or die.
Approaches for tight papers of CA
·        When you receiving the toughest paper, Start writing the question you know well. If you not able to complete the question, stop that point and skip to other knowing question and so on and so froth. But never loose the confidence with you. Keep on writing .After half an hour you will defiantly on track.
·       Presentation is a great tools
While writing the exam care to be taken not to cut and paste from the module. It is not the right way to write the exam. You should convey the lesson in your way to the examiner. This is called presentation. You should give a maximum time to each question. That is called the Time management….
·        Don’t discuss after the exam
After completing the exam even if it is toughest don’t discuss with any body. Prepare for the next day exam. Each exam shall be unique chance.
·        Don’t eat junk food…
ALL the Best
CA Vivek M ACA

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