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The present age is the age of technology. Whether it is preparation or filing of Income tax return, TDS return, VAT or ROC documents everything is online now a day. Whether we like it or not IT is here to stay and will expand to every walk of life. Can you avoid it? Can you lead a good professional life saying “I do not like to work on computers?" If you can’t avoid it then why not embrace it to your benefit?

It is common now a day for a client to send Excel sheet and scanned copies of challans etc to file the TDS returns. Sending Bank statements and backup of “Tally” to prepare Income Tax Returns. How do you prepare the Tax or TDS Return from these? The most common practice is to take a printout of all the relevant documents and then prepare returns etc. But have you considered the cost of so much of printing? Also have you considered the toll it takes on environment for producing so much of paper which ultimately is going to waste?

Using Dual Monitors

One easy solution to this is using two Monitors instead of standard one. How does it help? Well, if you have client PDF files you can open them and drag to one monitor and open the TDS software on other monitor you can fill the details onto the software. Then you can open Tally or any other s/w or document as the need may be on one monitor and s/w on other monitor. Since both the monitors are in front of your eyes it not only saves you the hassle of printing and then destroying the documents but also increases productivity as in one click you have the relevant document in front of your eyes. Also since the document is in soft copy it can be stored on your computer system permanently.

The cost of installing a second monitor is not much. It costs about Rs.4,000 - 5,000 for the LCD and about Rs. 2,000 for the display card. Installation is quick and easy. You may ask your hardware vendor to install it or can install yourself. But the saving in terms of time and ease together with less paper printing is so much that the cost will be recovered very soon. Even for seniors and partners who may not be doing the dirty work themselves but only reviewing what the juniors have done, it is a boon. This will save much of their precious time that will be utilized to further their productivity and business.

CA Sunil K. Gaur

(Author is a FCA with 19 years of experience in Indian as well as in Australian taxation, accounting and Bookkeeping practice)       

Published by

Sunil Kumar Gaur
(Accounting & Taxation Indian and Australian)
Category Info Technology   Report

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