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In this highly IT-enabled compliance environment, professionals like CA CS CMA are still struggling to get suitable system requirements fulfilled for various filings at Income Tax website, MCA website, GST website, DGFT website, ESI PF websites, and the list will continue to endless.

Every government website has its own unique set of system requirements, you will be able to file properly on these websites only after you configure your office systems as per the requirements of all these websites.

Cases where different system requirements exist for filing with government departments:

Java settings
Windows 8, 9 10
Proxy settings
Cookies cleanup
Web history cleanup
Pop-up blockers
Web browser type
Digital Signature drivers
Security level of browser
Firewall settings
Version of Adobe Reader
And so on……….

So the list is long, everyday professionals dump lot of man hours in looking and meeting up system requirements for various government websites. Whenever any new law or amendment to existing law comes, government comes out with its IT compliance window which require altogether a different set of system requirements from earlier one.

Wide variation in system requirements of various government website lays two major challenges on professionals:

Increased Expenditure on IT

To keep systems running efficiently professionals need to have atleast 4 to 5 laptops or desktops in their offices properly configured with system requirements of various websites to deliver timely services to clients. Large firms must deploy IT experts to meet out system requirements for timely filing.

Wastage of man-hours    

Before proceed to file any form on government website we must configure our systems to meet specific requirement of that website it may cause wastage of man hours in professionals’ office. If unification of technology happens at government website it may save a lot of man-hours.

We must write to IT cells of government departments to make efforts towards unification of technology where all government websites have uniform system requirement, this will be of great help to professionals.


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CA Kushal Soni
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