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There are many unconventional and new careers in today's day and age. It's not compulsory that every individual becomes a doctor, teacher, engineer or businessman. In today's lifestyle, all careers have equal scope and individuals are trying and shifting into these new career streams. With the advancement in technology, nothing seems impossible and hence no career must be considered as small or petty.

Many unconventional and unique career options also mostly include working in the comfort of your house. Anyone from any part of the world can work from home in any firm or any country. That's the beauty of such unconventional careers. One can earn well and work from any part of the world without the hassle of actually going to the workplace.

In this article, we will discuss some unconventional career options in the field of Finance for all individuals. These careers in Finance are gaining popularity these days and should be considered as full-time careers. It is going to be discussed below:-

Unconventional and Unique Finance Career Options After Class 12

Finance Content Writer

A career in this field requires you to have good writing skills and also a good command of your English. The knowledge required is very average on a general basis. Such a person can work as a freelancer and can also work in a firm. It is not compulsory for an individual to specifically work under someone. Such individuals mostly work as freelancers on various projects. These days all the knowledge is imparted through websites and individuals can actually work with these websites for their content on a project-to-project basis. 

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Finance Educator

These days there is a plethora of knowledge available on the internet. Anyone can learn from the internet and anyone can be a teacher on the internet. There are various websites that have teachers available and everyone is looking to learn from the comfort of their homes. Physical tutors has been a concept right from the past but online tutoring is relatively a new concept in the market. People are looking out for online tutors and hence the educator/tutor is a great career for individuals. There is a lot of scope into this career and it will be on an increase in the future.

Financial Risk Manager (FRM)

We have always heard of people pursuing CA, CS, CMA. These courses have a very wide scope in the country and most students dream to achieve success in such a career. But there are various courses which aren't that talked about and which also have a wide career prospect. Financial Risk Manager is such a career. Career prospects in the field are that of Risk Managers, Management Analytics Consultant, Enterprise Risk Manager, Risk Quantification Manager and many more in big financial firms.


Insurance specialist

Insurance is becoming a very known concept these days and especially during such uncertain times, many people are opting for insurance policies. Due to so much uncertainty that the pandemic has brought in, people are just wanting to get their insurance in place so that it is easier in the future. The Insurance Institute of India provides various online certifications which can be done to gain more expertise in the field of insurance. Prominent areas of employment include Internal/Independent Audit, Governance, Risk and Compliance, Forensic Auditing and many more.


There are many more unconventional areas of careers that are comparatively new and unique. These careers not only have a bright future but also offer high salaries to individuals pursuing it. The scope of these careers is even higher than the ones which are currently in the job market.

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