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We the CA students are the top level hard worker, honest, having full power of dedication and in spite of all these we left behind the success in CA exam. And this is what 90 percent of the C.A student passes through. And it is rightly said that temporary failure is the pillar of Great success. Therefore let's understand and accept the hidden secret of our hard work.

One day I decided to quit. I quit my study, my relationship, my spirituality and I went to quit my life. I went to top of the mountain edge to quit my life and for the last time I said to god, I gave my complete effort, I lost my opportunity, I lost my wealth, I lost my health, I lost my relations, just for a single dream to become a CA, but at the end I lost my dream as a consequence of failure in CA Examination, can you give me a single reason on not to quit.

"Look around" God said. Do you see the fern and bamboo?
"Yes" I replied.

When I planted fern and bamboo seeds, I took a very good care of them. I gave both of them the same effort, same opportunity, same care, same light and water. The fern quickly grew from earth. And its greenish started covering the floor but there was nothing from the bamboo seeds.

"In the second year the fern grew more brilliantly and plentiful and nothing come from the bamboo.", He said.
"In the year third there was nothing from the bamboo seeds. But I would not quit.", said God .
"In the fourth year also there was nothing from the bamboo seeds but still I would quit.", said God.
"In the fifth year a tiny sprout emerged from the earth. Compare to the fern it was insignificant and small." 

But just after six months the bamboo rose to 100 feet tall, and it was only possible because it had spent five years growing its roots. Those roots made it strongest and gave it what it need to survive. I never give any of my creation a challenge it would not handle. "God asked me, 'do you know my child all this time you having struggling, you have actually been growing your roots. I would not quit on bamboo I would not quit on you."God asked me 'do not compare yourself to other. The bamboo has a different purpose than fern. Yet they both make the forest beautiful.' 


With the hope in the eyes, I come back to fight. Having dream in the eyes, it was day and not night. Started growing my root size, with full effort in day and night. Again spending the time wise, the light of hope was in my sight. Again the problem arise, when result was at web site.

Lesson of fern and bamboo I revise, and not to quit just to fight Starting preparation and revise, with full effort at my best height And it was the time of great size, I got ultimately the sun light. Result was there subject wise, my perpetual root defeat darkest night

Here my opportunity arise, to cover all those which fall and fight. Your time will also come to rise, if like bamboo you not quit and just fight I recall this poem in my eyes, whenever there is a darkest night.


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Sanjit Kumar Bhagat
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