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Two Courses at a time - Benefits and Benefits

on 10 September 2011


Hello Everyone. This is my first article to our CCI site. Hope you like it. 

The topic for which I have decided to write is Pursuing 2 Professional Courses at a time.

Well everyone feels that doing one course itself is sucking so much of blood then how much it will for doing 2 courses. Remember yaar Life is a race, if you don't run fast, you will be like broken anda.

First for doing 2 courses you need to have a strong will and liking towards the courses.

When should I pursue this courses?

Well the answer is known to you. The best person to decide about this is yourself. Have strong will and enroll yourself to the course which you like.

Here are some suggestions from me :

If you can handle the battle with ICAI then join the other Course (say CS, CWA) Immediately after completing your schooling.

If the about doesn't suits you then complete your graduation in Correspondence way and then enroll by this you will have 2 benefits:

1. You will be exempted from the foundation stage and

2. In the most probable case you would have tasted some success that will booster your confidence and will reaffirm your thoughts of joining another course.

What are the Pro's and Con's of Joining additional course?

Well pursuing another course can guarantee many a things like Securing of your future. Placement opportunities, Learning to handle pressure. by this I don't mean that you need to always have pressure on you.

Suggestions of Doing Other courses:

1. CA + CS - Most Easiest and Beneficial

2. CA + ICWA - Little Tough but worth doing

3. CA + MBA - Best choice if later done from B-Schools.

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