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It was Monday evening; as usual, I was coming from the work and walking towards my building. Before I could enter my building entrance, I felt a few droplets of water over my head and over my shoulder.

I was wondering where it was coming from. I took a pause for a moment and looked upward towards the roof. There was nothing to worry as I thought it's just a water leakage from somewhere at the top.

Suddenly, something caught my attention, I looked at the sky and saw a twinkling star shining and standing out from the rest. It's quite rare to find a clear sky especially in the polluted city like Mumbai, but this one was special. Felt, as if it wants to make a mark that - I am the best. Quickly, I rushed towards the top on the building terrace and started admiring the glittering star.

Actually, I never got the time to think that something like this can happen in the city of Mumbai. We are glued so much on to our T.V sets or life after work, that many things around us gets unnoticed. Many a time we don't even realise that so and so person is staying in our society, building or they are our new neighbors.

Enough of blabbering, so I was admiring the glittering star and started to ponder that like this star, even I had dreamt of being an outstanding person in life. I had dreamt of being famous and getting richer like others. I had dreamt of being better than others and just shine like this star.

I realised that there were so many things I wanted to do, but just couldn't do and let go those things in the midst of my life.  Somewhere in between, I forgot what I have always dreamt about and just carried on my life with the flow. I felt that this shining star is slowly and gradually fading away...

Now, what should I do? Should I leave everything or  should I carry on with my compromised life? No way, I am leaving all like this - for me it's Happy Realisation.

Happy Realisation is nothing but to understand that even in the rarest situation, I found something that's incredible. The glittering star with all the obstacles, showing the world including lame duck like me that nothing in this world can stop you from making a mark. It's you who fail to realise and falter opportunities that can make your life meaningful and purposeful.

The glittering star was telling me that, please don't get philosophical about your life. Don't mix your dreams, with your present state. You have to find ways within your life, inorder to live your dream. Magic is there within you and you have to recreate it with complete determination and passion.

I am stupid to think that my dreams are mere fiction, but in reality I can make it happen if I start making ways and effort to relive my dreams. To chunk and blame is not the right approach because it's easy to accuse life.

So, for those who think that they cannot crack final year exam or any exam, please think again. Nothing can stop you from achieving success; it's you who don't realise your true worth.

Like the shinning star you can shine and glitter provided you battle the situation and obstacles.

As the headline suggest "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Now I Want To Touch The Star", I can say that through the inspiration of little glittering star, I want to be like a star!

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