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We are in such a field where maximum students get stuck in the loop of May-November-May. But have you ever given a thought that how to convert this loop into an opportunity?

We all work hard but somehow due to one or the other reasons we have to appear again for the exams. Some get too disappointed if they fail to clear the aggregate by mere 3-4 marks even after being passed in all the subjects.

I understand it takes a hit on the confidence level and for many, there is no point turning back or changing their career path. At such a point, what we can do is to build upon our skills.

Yes, during this time, we should constantly strive to improve our skills, increase our knowledge base and make ourselves industry-ready so that when life gives us the opportunity for what we have been waiting for long, we are able to perform much better than our peers.

A few of the options that can be considered are:

Turning Failure into a Grand Success

1. Undergo some Value-Addition Certificate Course

There is no scarcity of jobs in the But what is scarce is the candidate with the right skill set. People often complain that they are not getting a job, but are they having the right skills? Having a degree alone is of no use unless we have the appropriate skills. There are many courses available on LinkedIn, Udemy, UpGrad to name a few. Instead of scrolling through Facebook or Instagram, make better utilization of your time.


2. Never stop earning

Some of you out there might not agree with me. But to some extent, an individual's level of satisfaction is directly related to their income. Remember your first stipend? No matter how small it was, but it gave us happiness. We can even teach our juniors which will also help us to strongly build our We can do some part-time work as well. But make sure, it is related to our field or is of immense interest to you.

3. Help your juniors and even seniors

Help people. Guide your juniors regarding the right steps to Inform them about the mistakes you have made. Help out even your seniors if they need assistance regarding anything. Make sure you are building-up your network.

4. Talk it out

It's We all know that. But talking it all out will help us to remove the negativity from our minds and help us channelize our energy on the important tasks. We can even keep a journal or a Diary to write all the things that weigh us down. But pls, don't keep it all inside you. It will have a negative impact.

5. Never let the light of HOPE fade away

Hope and a positive attitude will always keep you There are times when we feel like everything is slipping out of our hands, but we need to find out the hope and confidence which is hidden somewhere deep inside ourselves. Never let the cloud of struggles and failures rob you of your Hope and confidence. When the life will be hard in the professional world, you would have been accustomed to such situations and you will be able to deal with such a situation in a more calm way as compared to the other person who has never dealt with difficult situations.


6. Welcome change with an open heart

Life will never be the Every situation of our life will demand a different version of us. Be very flexible and mold yourself as per the situation.

Adaptability and flexibility are one of things which most recruiters sought to.

7. Stay happy, no matter what

Life changes, priority changes. Something which is very important for us today might lose its value in the near future and we might find other things more There will always be things to worry about. But what matters the most is to stay happy. Life goes on and so should us.

These difficult times are making us stronger. It's our perspective which can change a failure into a grand success.

Thanks for your valuable time. Hope this article will help you out in the long run. All the very best for your future endeavors.

Happy Learning!

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Category Students, Other Articles by - Shikha Tripathi