Travel Cost Planning in Vacation Month

CMA Jitendra Singh , Last updated: 29 September 2008  

Making your vacation dreams to become’ affordable, does not mean that you have get a loan or put a second mortgage on your home or go into additional financial debt. The key is to do exactly what you are doing now research. Plan ahead, as far in advance as you can. The more advance you plan the more money you save. Ever heard of the old and new saying” Time is Money”. The more time you spend planning the more money you save or the more money you have to enjoy your leisure time.

First you must decide where you want to visit, please have more the one choice. Have several choices. The Second key other than timing is to be very flexible.
Do research on the different destinations. One of the main things you want to find out is when is that destinations slow season or off seasons. Most places will have reduced rates doing this time and some times extra benefits. If you do not have kids you can be even more flexible, because you don’t have to worry about taking the kids out of school.
 When school is in session, that elementary to college, most locations are at their slow session. Most people with children tend to travel while their children are on some kind of break.

The most popular is summer vacation,Diwali vacation and for college kids spring break. If you have children, don’t’ be upset, as I stated before, scheduling well in advance, will get you some discounts, even doing the most popular time.


The distance of the destination from your home is important also. It will determine your option for the mode of transportation that you choose. Closer destination will allow the option of traveling by road using the  your car (
But Alert for LTA Rulesas per income tax Act), the bus system or the train, rail ways.

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