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Four days before somewhere I read : 

If you continue to do what you used to do before;

You will get the same result which you had before.

I  realized a great message lying in two lines - specially for CA students because many students immediately start their studies on declaration of CA results, but without any major changes in their study patterns, presentation and style.

This is the only reason of continuous failure of CA students.

The following facts are based on my research on study patterns of students : 

1. Many students can't complete the paper due to slow writing speed. 

After examining various students; now I find that they also have slow speed of reading. If speed reading is missing; subject would also become typical to understand. 

For example; in law subjects; if there is not a good speed to read the sections; the meaning would not be understood well. 

Hence slow speed of reading results into slow think process which ultimately leads to slow writing. 

2. Whether speed reading is possible for every student ?

Suppose one student reads 6 pages per hours and another one can read 12 pages per hour. It looks simple to know its effect of consuming double time by the second one but still students don't care to improve their reading speed. 

Why ?

Because they mentally accept that their reading speed is slow.

Most of the students don't try to increase their reading speed.

3. First reading of the Book is too slow

Major fault is to focus first reading with too much care. 

Although all students know very well that first reading will not give good confidence in the subject. Still they consume a good portion of their study time in first reading.

4. How to overcome first reading speed breaker ?

1st Step : Refer Index of the Book and mark New Words. 

2nd Step : To know the meaning of New Words : open the page number shown against the point in the Index and read only 2 lines of the relevant para.

3rd Step : Before you close your study hours; revise the new terms without fail. It will hardly take 10 more minutes. 

4th Step : Have a look at the Index ( in parts - every time ) daily to familiarize with the topics and its contents. 

5th Step : Read the whole index of the book in this manner at least for 4 times. It will hardly take 4-5 days. 

6th Step : Start one topic and firstly read its heading only.  

7th Step : Now start the full topic. Surprisingly; you will not find any speed breaker which disturbed you before. 

8th Step : Revise the whole chapter without fail. It will hardly take 15-20 minutes. 

9th Step : Don’t leave typical points to see them later on. These are the most important points to clear your CA Exams. For example; if you escape to study Foreign Taxation later on in Direct Tax; you will never have confidence in the topic at the time of examination leaves.

Benefits of taking above Steps while studying : 

1. Immediate identification of important and typical points in the subject. 

2. Confidence in the subject and its topic.

3. Less time consumption in Thought Process of the contents.

4. Ultimately increase in the speed of reading and writing.

5. More time to discuss with the friends and faculties.

6. More time for typical points which is a must to clear CA Exams. 

CA Surendra Kumar Rakhecha


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(Practising CA at Surat)
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