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FRIENDS.... People are much stressed out at their Office due to unwanted pressures from their Boss and their peers. Given below are some tips to avoid the same:

1. First relax. Office is the place where you are going to learn some work.

2. Listen to what your boss says. Take a dairy or a scribbling pad wherever you go.

3. Write down points of the conversation - Over Phone/ Face to Face talk. Helps you remember what your responses to their questions were or vice versa.

4. Next task is to maintain a time sheet. In case there is no force also I Suggest you to maintain a weekly hourly time sheet so that analysis of that week's time spent will give you an insight into where you went wrong and will help you to improve in the coming week.

5. The same will also be useful for preparing your resume.

6. Respect all your elders and coworkers at work for their knowledge and experience.

7. Don't say No on the face to anyone. First take the work and start doing it. Even if you cant do it. Write down the points and show them the points where you were unable to do the work. 

8. Listen to what others say first completely before opposing their views. Interrupting and putting forward your views makes you look like you are showing attitude. So first write down important points of what the other person says and underline those points which you feel may need improvement

9. Appreciate any amount of work done. In case you are delegating work to your juniors and they are unable to perform, Sit with them. Spend 15 minutes with them and sort out their problem. They will also feel happy that a senior is sitting with them and they will also know that they can approach you the next time they face a block in the work. This will increase your popularity.

10. DONT DONT DONT CARRY YOUR WORK HOME. Home is meant for bonding with your family. Thus don't take your work home. Spend all the quality time with your family and friends. Make it clear in your office that (yes even if you are an article, tell your Seniors and juniors alike) you are not to be disturbed unless the work is very urgent.

11. Don't while away your free time in office. Do something constructive. Prepare formats of letters or update your information.

Friends, Bond with your office mates and colleagues alike and thus you will also reduce the stress and you will want to give more. 

Comments are welcome.

All the best and God Bless.


Published by

Sreeniketh Angara
(B. Com, CA PCC, CS Executive)
Category Students   Report

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